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  1. dmallord

    dmallord New Member

    hi all,

    i have a rooted mytouch 3g. i do not want any updates, nor notification. i just renamed my to .bak. i still had a system update request when i rebooted. i am also reading that the rename causes a battery drain?

    being as android is linux based, i know it is controllable! but where should i look?



  2. dmallord

    dmallord New Member


    i have just found reference to the build.prop file. so...the properties definitions can be changed to make my phone think it has the newest system release. i am seeing many properties do i have to change in order to kill my update nag?


    please advise,

  3. dmallord

    dmallord New Member

    update: made an edit to the build.prop file.

    defined 2.3.5 gingerbread in place of fr...

    in, and in

    so far so good.

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