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  1. DanielFFF

    DanielFFF Member

    I have heaps of added apps on my Gio, as a result of which (despite rooting and moving all I can to SD card) I'm forever running out of memory (I presume this means RAM - I'm a bit new to all this!). Sometimes I can't even do an update of an existing app without it aborting due to low memory.

    So today I went through the apps list and cleared the data for every app that I thought I didn't use. BUT all my carefully arranged home screens (full of my own app icons) disappeared, and reverted to the phone default icons! Aaaaargh!

    I can eventually rebuild my several home screens, but I'd like to learn which particular app's data stores that information (home screen layouts), so I don't ever clear it again!

    Any help appreciated! Thanks.

    Gerroa, Australia

  2. kadimi

    kadimi Well-Known Member

    you probably deleted this folder too:
  3. DanielFFF

    DanielFFF Member


    Thanks for your suggestion, but no, I didn't delete any folders. I only cleared apps' data from the Settings/Applications/Memory usage screen.

    And even though I've now reinstated all my home page app icons, there still is no such folder as you mentioned on my SD card, according to Astro File Manager.

    Gerroa, Australia

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