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killed my phone plzz help.....!!!!!!!!!!!111Support

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  1. jaicool

    jaicool Member

    som1 gave a link to install froyo without recovery mode so i did it... now it doesn't start and keeps rebooting..now the recovery mode also got problem. it keeps saying recovery/log not mount and not found..when i try to installl another update .zip it says cant format .. plz helppppppp

  2. Rush

    Rush {<>}~{<>}

    Is your device rooted?
  3. jaicool

    jaicool Member

  4. khanshaweiz

    khanshaweiz New Member

    search and download (nandroid_JET_v2.1_(modified _by-aks).tar) this file and (Android Downloading Toll) from filecrop website... then extract the zip u hve downloaded open android tool software and under arm11 select the extracted file parts as required by android tool.. then switch off your phone hold call button ang insert data cable n click on begin.. ting tong now ur done

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