killed my poor Desire HD, please help !

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  1. stevenhippie

    stevenhippie Member

    ok so here goed nothing,

    hi i have a desire HD wich was running CM, and i wanted to flash : Blackout ICS Incredible v3.0.0 FULLY WORKING!!! [4.0.4][Sense 3.6]

    i went to rom manager, went to recovery and wiped my cache and did a full wipe, then i went and flashed the new one...

    With the new clockwork mod a menu appears, asking a bunch of stuff, i just went trough it and pressed next, it said it was done and i went ahead and rebooted, now here it comes... the HTC logo appears, and after that i just get a black screen, the backlight is still on but it just does nothing, i can't get into recovery with the power/vol down because my vol down is broken, and abd doesn't seem to work ! does anybody might be able to help me? i would be so thankfull !

    -EDIT- oh and when i power my phone on right when the logo dissapears i hear something, a small crack, inside my phone , i don't know if this might be helpful or not but i'm trying to give as much info as possible..

    FIXED ! i'll post how i did it in case if somebody has the same problem,

    so i first got adb working on my pc then i placed another ROM in my sd to flash
    i opened cmd and typed : adb reboot bootloader
    my phone jumped on in bootloader, and from there i went to recovery and then just flashed another ROM, and now everything works !

  2. scotty85

    scotty85 Guides Guide

    i would prolly advise against using rom manage. in my travels on the forums,prolly 99% of the "help my phone wont boot!" posts start out with "i used rom manager to flash rom xyz..." :eek:

    i would suggest manually entering recovery thru hboot(pull battery,hold vol down+power,then select recovery from hboot menu) and manually using the menus to wipe data/factory reset,cache,and dalvik cache.

    at this point,you can reflash the rom you were trying to flash,you can flash a different rom,or you can restore a known working backup.

    that should get you back to a working phone :)
  3. ral

    ral Well-Known Member

    The battery pull should get you back into recovery as scotty85 advised.

    The Blackout ICS ROM uses an AROMA installer. It has caused problems for some users. If you want to give Blackout ICS another go, on the last step, when it asks if you want to reboot, select "No". Instead go back in CWM and select reboot from there.

    I am not sure how all this will work out with a busted volume button though.

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  4. DragonSlayer95

    DragonSlayer95 Resident Air Bender Moderator

    I've never touched a desire but is it made to where vol rocker is made into the batt cover and you could just use something jagged on the rocker sensor?

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  5. stevenhippie

    stevenhippie Member

    thanks for the help :D but my vol down button is broken so i can't get in hboot, i might try to fix the button first
  6. stevenhippie

    stevenhippie Member

    yeah i think so, if i can get the rocker out, and just press the button, that might work
  7. stevenhippie

    stevenhippie Member

    thanks alot from the info, gonna try it tommorrow
  8. stevenhippie

    stevenhippie Member

    sooo i tried fixing my volume button, but that wont work, now i'm looking into getting into recovery by adb, but the problem is i don't know if it's even possible,

    anybody know if this is possible ?
  9. scotty85

    scotty85 Guides Guide

    from the booted OS,usb debug enabled,chnge to your adb/fastboot directory

    cd :\folder location

    adb devices should return a serial number so that you know drivers are working and the phone is connected

    adb reboot recovery will take you to recovery

    adb reboot will reboot the phone

    adb reboot bootloader will boot you to fastboot

    in fastboot:
    fastboot devices return serial number

    fastboot reboot boots you back to the OS

    fastboot reboot-bootloader will reboot the bootloader

    you can run PD98IMG file from fastboot,instead of from the sd card(so vol button is not needed) by placing the .zip file into the same folder as fastboot. then:

    fastboot erase cache

    fastboot oem rebootRUU

    fsatboot flash zip

    fastboot reboot-bootloader

    fastboot reboot

    hope that helps :)
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