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Killed my shineGeneral

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  1. cjmaniac

    cjmaniac Well-Known Member

    So I decided to wash my Shine plus over the weekend. It didn't seem to like that very much. Took it apart and left it in a bag of rice for a few days and most of the moisture seems to be out of it except for a little in the screen. It turns on and it mostly seems to be working except the screen won't stay in sleep mode and calls keep switching speaker phone on/off so i'm sure it will kill the battery fast and annoy me. I'll toss it back in the rice for another few days and see what happens but I'm not too hopeful. Oh well it was a good run. lol

    Anyways, just wondering where I can source another one of these phones cheaply now, or what other android devices should I be looking into? I still would like to have a physical keyboard and at least similar specs to this phone. I am still on a contract with Telus for a bit. What is the process to add another device to it as I have never done that before?

  2. jparasite

    jparasite Well-Known Member

    As long as whatever phone you buy is unlocked or locked to Telus, all you have to do is pop-in the SIM card and set up the APN settings (for data). You don't need to tell Telus anything.

    It's hard to find a decent phone with a good keyboard these days, which is why I picked up a LG Shine Plus even though I have a Galaxy Nexus as a daily driver. Take a look at: Samsung Galaxy S Glide for Rogers brings the keyboard love to the original handset
  3. karendar

    karendar Well-Known Member

    Well I got a Shine Plus off ebay for dirt cheap. Won't say how much, you'd be jealous. ;) Check ebay out for that or Kijiji... Otherwise, you have the Xperia Pro from Fido or the Galaxy S slide from Rogers which are decent enough... Don't know about development for the phone though. Otherwise if you want an amazing slide keyboard phone, check out the HTC Desire Z... It's older, but it's still an amazing buy!
  4. cjmaniac

    cjmaniac Well-Known Member

    How difficult and expensive is it to have a phone unlocked? I want to stay on my current plan through Telus. I'll have to keep an eye out for a good deal on ebay. Is there any way to make sure it isn't lost or stolen? I'm not going to be able to stand using this one for much longer unfortunately. It won't charge due to the screen being on constantly and when I try to charge it with the phone turned off it shows a screen to put the back cover on and I don't think its actually charging. So for no it is a non mobile phone.
  5. karendar

    karendar Well-Known Member

    Unlocking is fairly simple ... For example, Shine Plus unlock only cost me 2$ (ebay unlock) But then again, it's really phone dependant... As for stolen phones, it's a risk when you buy used, but your best bet is to test the phone if bought off of Kijiji (Slap your SIM card in it) or unlock it in front of the person and test (Which is what I usually do). If it's off ebay, you have buyer protection if the item is unusable... So you are covered. I've never purchased a stolen phone though and I've bought quite a few.
  6. cjmaniac

    cjmaniac Well-Known Member

    I can buy another new lg shine plus for 110 bucks shipped. Haven't decided if that is what i want to do yet or not. Have been messing around with my phone more and I think it is one of my buttons that keeps causing the screen to constantly wake up. I am thinking about messing around with the files in /system/usr/keylayout to see if i can find and remap the offending key or keys. Has anyone tried remapping anything similar before? Found this thread for information.

    [GUIDE] How to Remap Hardkey Actions || Custom App Launching - xda-developers
  7. karendar

    karendar Well-Known Member

    I used to do it all the time for my only physical button on my SGS2... Can't say how it'd work for the shine plus considering the slider though. Might also be the slider that's messed, because that also wakes up the phone...

    As for buying another Shine Plus, I'd go with something that has a little more power myself...


    There are 4 KL files in that folder, as opposed to the one file for some other phones. ;) Here's a historic on what needs to be edited:

    Next to each entry, you should have WAKE or WAKE_DROPPED. What those mean is that if WAKE is written next to the key, when you click it it'll wake the screen and send the command to the phone. WAKE_DROPPED means it'll wake the phone and forget the command... If you really wanna test the files, I suggest backing up the originals first to be safe.

    Best you could do first to test the issue, remove every single WAKE or WAKE_DROPPED except one (Power button sounds like a good place to start) and then reboot the phone to see what happens...

    Afterwards (It'll take a while) you can add/remove them in batches and try again until you find the culprit. That's the joy of having more physical buttons on your phone, takes much longer to test. hehe.
  8. cjmaniac

    cjmaniac Well-Known Member

    Yes i noticed looking in that file that almost every key including the keyboard would need to be checked one at a time. I'll see how bored i get in the next little while. Might be easier just to buy something different. lol
  9. karendar

    karendar Well-Known Member

    Hey, if you end up not bothering, send your shine plus my way. ;) hahah
  10. cjmaniac

    cjmaniac Well-Known Member

    I Decided to get another new shine plus. Couldn't find anything else I liked any better in that price range. I think I will keep my old one for spare parts and for testing purposes. Hopefully I keep this one dry.
  11. karendar

    karendar Well-Known Member

    It's surprising how we always come back to this phone... ;)
  12. cjmaniac

    cjmaniac Well-Known Member

    Well I wanted my qwerty keyboard and this is really one of the better ones for android. It isn't that bad besides some of the software problems. And it sounds like they might be worked out on the most recent updates. I have not been able to try those out yet.
  13. karendar

    karendar Well-Known Member

    Yeah, v20B with the tweaks I've done on the ROM really make it super usable. If I add a custom kernel with Jiilik's old mods, I think we'll have a decent ROM which won't need any other mods...

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