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Kindle Android App Available Now

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    Ready to get your Android Kindle on? Amazon has finally released the Kindle app to the Android Market in hopes of satisfying all of your mobile book reading needs.
    As you may have guessed, this app allows you to access all of your previous Kindle purchases, works in both landscape and portrait mode, and most importantly, let

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  2. jcthorne

    jcthorne Well-Known Member

    Can someone please tell me how to load books I already have to the kindle for Android app? Where do I place them on the device so that the app finds them? Tried in the newly created \kindle directory, of course that does not work, would be too simple.

    I have the books in mobi format on my pc, how do I get them into the droid app? Even the documentation at amazon is useless, only tells you how to buy the books from them not how to read a book I already have.

  3. A.Nonymous

    A.Nonymous Well-Known Member

    I don't think the app is designed for that. I know it's not the answer you wanted to hear.
  4. jcthorne

    jcthorne Well-Known Member

    So its only for books you actually aquire FROM Amazon and NO OTHERS?
  5. A.Nonymous

    A.Nonymous Well-Known Member

    That is my understanding, but I may be completely incorrect. It is an Amazon branded app.
  6. UTWood

    UTWood New Member

    You are absolutely correct. Kindle'a app, just like the product and the apps for PC and iPhone are for books purchased from Amazon, hence the fact that it is fully-functional and free.
  7. NOMster

    NOMster Well-Known Member

    i am loving this so far.
  8. jcthorne

    jcthorne Well-Known Member

    NO its not free and thats the problem. They want me to pay $10 to read a book I already own. Had no idea there were that many gullible people that want to thow away all thier books and buy them again so they can give more money to Amazon. Really dissappointed in this app. Had waited for it for some time. I have no problem buying books from Amazon and likely would have, but I AM NOT buying books again that I already own.

    Guess my quest for a decent and OPEN reader continues unless someone figures a work around to this nonsense. I would have expected this on the Iphone, but not Android.
  9. A.Nonymous

    A.Nonymous Well-Known Member

    I'm not sure what you want. Do you want them to provide you free books and the author gets nothing for them? Let's say you bought a physical copy of the latest John Grisham novel. Do you expect Amazon to give you virtual copy of that as well? Do you expect them to send you a scanner of some sort so you can scan your physical books into the computer? I'm not sure what you want. If you ordered a physical copy of a DVD from Amazon, they would not provide you with a digital copy. If you wanted a digital copy you would need to either create one yourself (i.e. rip your DVD) or purchase one from Amazon. You wouldn't be able to go back to Amazon down the road and demand that they provide you a free digital copy of the DVD you purchased because you got rid of your DVD player and now want to play your purchase on your computer.

    I'm not sure what you're looking for from an open reader? A reader that will let you open any ebook you own? You're not going to get that from a free branded app. A reader that lets you have access to any book you want free of charge? That's not going to happen legally as authors own the rights to their books and thus have the right to profit from them. A reader that lets you access public domain books at no cost? Kindle does that.
  10. jcthorne

    jcthorne Well-Known Member

    No, I do not expect books for free. Well some public domain ones maybe but I already own a good size library currently stored in epub format. I have been buying ebooks for years starting way back with a Palm device. I OWN a legal copy of these books. Many I have not read yet. I can convert formats easy enough with Calibre but the Amazon reader does not allow ANY content not sourced from Amazon. Fine, I'll use another reader but it will have NO Amazon content on it. I'll get it elsewhere and read it on the device I see fit.

    As for DVDs, if I decide to watch a DVD I purchased on my EVO, then so be it. The included viewer supports that. If the Amazon Kindle ap wants to succeed, they need to support buying from Amazon AND all the content owners already have. They will severly limit the number of new users once they have content from other sources. Very poor marketing. Will go the way of other closed systems. Remember DIVX players......
  11. mrmojoz

    mrmojoz Well-Known Member

    What on earth are you complaining about? There are several eBook readers on Android already. If you don't want to manage an Amazon based library use one of the other readers. Whats with all your drama and noise over something that can't possibly affect you? :confused:
  12. Extr3m1st

    Extr3m1st Well-Known Member

    Just use Aldiko for the books you already own and Kindle if you buy books from Amazon.
  13. A.Nonymous

    A.Nonymous Well-Known Member

    As you certainly have the right to do. But Amazon did develop the app so they do have the right to decide what content can be used with the app. Microsoft created Office. They can then decide (and have) what formats they will and will not support with their program. If Amazon chooses to support other formats, they can, but that's not their goal. Their goal with their Kindle reader is to sell hardware and sell books. Their actual Kindle device is ridiculously overprice IMO, but they do sell a ton them. Their goal at the end of the day is to sell books since they're a book store. It's not in their best financial interest to support other formats or books from other sources.

    I don't know that I agree with you. Ebooks are a new enough thing that there aren't a whole lot of people reading ebooks. Kindle has only been around for 2 years. Supposedly (according to Amazon anyway) it's the top selling item on Amazon. Amazon is easily the largest bookstore on the web. It's probably the largest seller of ebooks. Them making an app that's basically proprietary probably isn't going to hurt them. They've got a lion's share of the ebook market. DIVX never had a large share of the video market.
  14. HazHamster

    HazHamster New Member

    Don't know if any one will read this "old" thread, but just in case.

    You can read other formats in the kindle app.
    The books have to be in mobipocket format (.prc or .mobi), but using calibre it is farely easy to convert to and from various formats.

    Mount your device, and go to the folder named kindle in the root of your android device.
    Place the mobipocket file there.... That's it!:D

    As you read the app will make a file ending in .mbp. I guess that's the meta information (bookmarks ect.).
    On books bought and administred via amazon, the meta info can be synchronised across several platforms (PC, android and kindle device), I don't know how this works on books you get from alternate sources, as the PC app is windows only, and I'm on linux. And i won't get my kindle till the end of january .. :(

    Happy reading.:)

    -- Jon
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  15. blackrob1010

    blackrob1010 Member

    Hey thanks for the "late" info. I was looking around for this info and saw this. Didn't think it would be so easy.
  16. Harry2

    Harry2 Well-Known Member

    The Kindle app is a good Android .mobi reader!
    I have a .mobi eBook with 15MB (Swiss medicine compendium). No other Android eBook reader can read such large files.
    Kindle app can read it :)
    So you can use the Kindle app for .mobi dictionaries.

  17. feickertmd

    feickertmd New Member

    Just copy the ebook file into the Kindle folder on your SD card. I just tried it for kicks, and it worked.

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