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  1. SearMe

    SearMe Member

    I'm wondering for you Kindle Fire users if the limited storage has been an issue and how much storage casual tablet usage generally is?

    I'm debating on if a microsd option is a deal breaker. Clearly the new Fire HD 8.9 has caught my eye but worried about storage being an issue. Again casual usage: Light gaming, social, decent amount of music, browsing, videos etc. I've never owned a tablet so not sure how easily they fill up

  2. agadida

    agadida Well-Known Member

    ive never had an issue with storage on my kindle. i have 50 books on there and 30 or so games and 20 apps? dont quote me lol. but its a decent amount of both. i have 2 albums of music ive had on there for a while now. and i might have only used half my storage? havent actually checked. i dont really use mine for listening to music unless im cooking and wanna hear something. but then also you can just download pandora or some other music app for that. (if you have wifi)
  3. 350X

    350X Well-Known Member

    game will be your problem, if amazon brings mroe and more hi end games to the kindle. hi end games are gobbling up 1-2GB each.
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  4. grvthang

    grvthang Well-Known Member

    I got the Fire the first week of release. At first I was apprehensive about running out of storage, but that has turned out to be a non-issue for me. I have about 60 apps stored on it now and I still have about 1/3 of the space reserved for apps empty (I've had up to about 80 apps at one time with room to spare). I have about 50 books on it and a couple hundred songs on it. I use the Amazon cloud and Audiogalaxy (sideloaded) to stream the rest of my music collection.
    Having said that, bear in mind that I don't store movies on it; when I want to watch video, I stream it.
  5. dautley

    dautley VIP Member VIP Member

    No, but only because you can keep purchased content on the cloud and download it to or remove it from the Kindle as needed.
  6. Dante sparda

    Dante sparda New Member

    Is there any way to connect a flash memory stick to kindle fire? does it recognize any kind of external memory? How?
  7. Drogyn

    Drogyn Well-Known Member

    If rooted the kindle fire supports USB OTG. In that case yes, otherwise, no
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  8. Dante sparda

    Dante sparda New Member

    And as far as I'm not too much into the android, I was wondering will anything happen to my kindle fire ( 2nd gen) if I side-load USB OTG? Does that damage the device in any way? (sorry if it's a silly question.)
  9. guitarman2010

    guitarman2010 Member

  10. guitarman2010

    guitarman2010 Member

    Nothing should happen to the device hardware wise if that's what your asking but you'll only have read only access
  11. KFKID

    KFKID Member

    Shouldn't be an issue...I have hundreds of apps and books on my 8GB KFHD.

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