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  1. foe84

    foe84 Well-Known Member

    I finally hit a wall in terms of balancing out the lack of memory.

    Does the kindle fire hd have any option for extra memory? I like my device, but i can no longer add anything to it. I was also considering the nexus 7 or acer iconia a200.

  2. agadida

    agadida Well-Known Member

    Nope theres no option for extra memory unless you upgrade to a bigger kindle. How did you run out of room? I have about 100 books, 25 magazines, 13 comics and tons of apps and still have a lil under 2 gbs left.
  3. foe84

    foe84 Well-Known Member

    whenever i dl an app from play store, it tells me there is not enough memory and the sd card can't be found.

    under the 5gb in the storage setting i have 32.36mb left.
  4. agadida

    agadida Well-Known Member

    whats taking up so much space?
  5. foe84

    foe84 Well-Known Member

    found it...i had a misc taking 3.19 gb
  6. jimina

    jimina New Member

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  7. podagee

    podagee Well-Known Member

    I recommend getting dx has all the settings you need to fully optimize and clean up space on your android ive been using it forever and its the best.give it a try

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