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  1. androidexpat

    androidexpat Well-Known Member

    I tried using Yahoo,Hotmail and Gmail on the Email that comes on Knox in the new Samsung Note 3. Even though the settings are set to push the only way I get the email is if I go in and manually hit the sync button. Anyone else have this problem? In settings the settings are set to push

  2. androidexpat

    androidexpat Well-Known Member

    Anyone ever figure this one out? Seems like a problem when there are two emails accounts set up.
  3. ovrrdrive

    ovrrdrive Well-Known Member

    I don't think too many people have played with knox on their phones. I really don't think too many people know what knox is for either. I use the regular gmail for two accounts and they both push just fine for me. I removed knox from my phone after it started throwing the false warning notification to everyone. I don't have a use for it.
  4. tenyc424

    tenyc424 Well-Known Member

    When you set up your email account did you select the automatic push? When I set up my email I choose a different option and wondered why emails were not coming in, thought it was a phone problem. Turns out it was on manual push. I selected the auto push and it's working fine now. I would check your email settings again.
  5. androidexpat

    androidexpat Well-Known Member

    On Push. Did you try it with just 1 account set up or 2 accounts set up? Seems to work at times when just 1 account is set up but not if 2 accounts are set up...:confused:
  6. tenyc424

    tenyc424 Well-Known Member

    I set 3 email accounts my primary has the auto push and the other two I had it push every five minutes. Seems to workout for me.

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