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  1. magi_apps

    magi_apps Member

    Guys, I need some volunteers to test my Stopwatch and timer App and provide feedback on the following

    1. Defects.
    2. Improvements/tweaks to UI and functionality.

    The first version has been released to the market - Krono Stopwatch & Timer

    Those who would like to test the app please send me a email at and I will send you the app apk.


  2. magi_apps

    magi_apps Member

    Thanks to those who have volunteered to test. Still need more folks to test out the app.

    Also wanted to share a innovative testing startup service which is great for indie devs. Elusive stars

    I have started using this to get valuable usability feedback from real world users - Fast response times and the pricing is great for indies. First 5 test reports are free to understand the value you get out of the service. Pete, the startup head, is extraordinary fast and helpful to any queries.


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