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Kyocera Echo Discontinued?General

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  1. carmendiva

    carmendiva Well-Known Member

    I don't like starting rumors or anything. But i was going to buy this phone for a friend and I have been looking around for one and i was going to get it from best buy.

    I called them today and the guy told me that they no longer had them in stock and that it was discontinued?

    any truth to this?

  2. PC Jona

    PC Jona Well-Known Member

    doubt it. its a pos but it just came out so i really doubt it.
  3. carmendiva

    carmendiva Well-Known Member

    LMFAO, it's not an Evo 3d but it's not a POS

    I was shocked when they said discontinued because it just came out in April and it's not even June yet lol.

    I was finally able to get one for my friend for their birthday, a few days late :/ for about 220 bucks off ebay
  4. salpiche

    salpiche Well-Known Member

    We still selling the at our store and I have not heard anything about it being discontinued. Go to a Sprint corporate store they should still have it.
  5. PC Jona

    PC Jona Well-Known Member

    i played with it for 25 seconds and got bored of the 2 screens

    theres a nice black bar in between them so it doesnt even look good

    thats and its thick af

    and slow

    i could go on

    too many bad things to say about it LOL
  6. salpiche

    salpiche Well-Known Member

  7. .Koda

    .Koda New Member

    I went to my local Sprint, and Radioshack stores and both are selling them still.

    I haven't walked into a bestbuy lately so I wouldn't know.
  8. Lefty2053

    Lefty2053 New Member

    Just got my new Echo today.

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