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Kyocera Hydro or Samsung Galaxy Rush? 1st smartphone!

  1. Jakoe

    Jakoe New Member

    My Samsung Seek I've been using just died and I need to get a new phone. Since there is no 4G service with Boost Mobile where I am in Phoenix I don't want to pay a lot (<$100). I've been reviewing phones and think either the Kyocera Hydro ($59.99) or a Samsung Galaxy Rush ($89.99) would work for me. I want one that isn't a problem since I'm not a techy. I also want a loud ringer volume and excellent sound when making calls. Faster, of course, is better.

    I tried a Samsung Transform Ultra (horrible slideout keyboard). Its ok, but is running Gingerbread and cost more than the others that run Ice Cream Sandwich.

    Any recommendations? I need to get one soon! This is my first smartphone. In fact, I only got a cell phone 2 years ago. If and when Sprint ever decides to grace Phoenix with 4G, I plan on getting a better 4G phone.


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