kyocera hydro wont act right...Support

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  1. Carmenskarma

    Carmenskarma Member

    i just recently bought my daughter a hydro and it was a good phone until one day, she came in from school and told me that the phone wouldnt keep a charge, and continually turned off and on by itself. i told her that she must be doing something wrong because brand new phones dont do that. until i seen it for myself.
    well today she had me switch her number from the hydro to a basic boost phone. which was fine with me. she was now complaining of what was going on before to it now overheating,
    i could really use some tips on this or is there any apps that can help this problem going on?
    thanks so much

  2. Wiesshund

    Wiesshund Well-Known Member

    I am confused, the basic boost phone is now overheating?

    the hydro shouldnt overheat, and shouldnt eat the battery like mad.
    what kinds of 3rd party apps are installed/running on it?

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