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Labelert - Custom LED colors for Gmail

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  1. gsarrica

    gsarrica New Member This Topic's Starter

    Jun 17, 2010
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    I got sick of checking my phone every time I received a new email. So I made an application to change the color of your phone's LED depending on what email has arrived. It's called Labelert.

    It works with Gmails labels. You setup Labelert to correspond 5 colors to 5 different labels. (These labels can be anything you create or currently use) Once you have a label associated with a color, anytime Labelert sees a new email with that label applied it will flash the corresponding LED color.

    You can also setup different alert sounds and vibration setting for each color/label.

    Also if you are just interested in changing the default Gmail LED color Labelert does this too!

    Check it out at Labelert.com

    Or the QR code below:



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