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Lack of 32gb model a deal breaker?General

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  1. devswap

    devswap Active Member

    I am looking at purchasing my next phone (coming from iphone). I was always buying the S4 (the next choice is the htc one). Its a hard choice and I keep swapping between the two but ultimately I want the S4. However I really want the 32gb model which doesnt seem to be coming to the uk. I appreciate everyone saying about getting a 64gb card and storing all the photos, music etc on that which will keep the phone memory free. This I mostly agree with but 8 - 9gb is not alot and once I have installed the apps including a sat nav and maps, that storage doesnt last long. The other issue is that alot of the apps store their data on the internal memory and hence could eat the remaining storage space in no time. Take for example google music, if i become a user of that and get 10gb of music then I cant save this to the phone to play when away from an internet connection. As it stands I prefer to get a CD and rip my own tracks so this wouldnt be an issue but it does highlight that there may be a top app around the corner which I will want to install but have no space.

    Thus the lack of 32gb model is kinda forcing me towards the htc one again.

    Can anyone offer any advice / views on why I should stick with the samsung that I would prefer to have?

  2. Szadzik

    Szadzik Well-Known Member

    16GB built-in has been enough for me for years. HTC One does have more built-in, but no SD slot.
  3. Shocky

    Shocky On Probation

    I have more apps and games installed on my Galaxy S4 than you could ever fit on a HTC One, any version.

    All you need to do is root the device and use foldermount to move the game data to your sdcard, a class 10 or above 64GB microsd is recommended for this.

    For the average user whose probably afraid of rooting it's an issue, but for experienced Android users the sdcard slot more than makes up for it.

    I do think Samsung should scrap the 16GB version though, 32GB should be minimum.
  4. devswap

    devswap Active Member

    Yes thanks - I am a big linux user and techy so I am sure rooting wouldnt bother me but I was aiming not to have to. I wanted to keep my laptops, raspberry pi etc for playing and keep my iphone as the manufacturer intended and reliable. However I am sure that it is fine and reliable rooted.
  5. Shocky

    Shocky On Probation

    I'm not sure about the US version but for the international LTE version there are roms based on the latest official stock firmware you can install which come pre-rooted, Samsung bloat removed and they still register as official, custom counter unaffected, OTA updates still work.

    But I agree, I think we would all prefer to not have to root but if you want to expand app storage on the Galaxy S4 and remove useless Software we don't have a choice.
  6. WA_Bob

    WA_Bob VIP Member VIP Member

    I went with the One just for the reason that I could use all the storage as system memory. I had the option on my carrier of getting the 32GB version (AT&T in the US) and 16GB was fine on my SGS3 last year, but with the size of Apps and games is getting bigger these days I really worry about how much of that 9GB left on the 16GB model will be available as time goes on.

    I'm no stranger to rooting and I know the tools are out there to be able to use a micoSD card for apps, but after using a 16GB N4 & N7 (both with allot less bloatware from an OEM and a carrier) I realize how fast that memory gets used up if you watch movies and/ or use a service like Amazon music offline. That's why I sold off my 16GB N7 and bought a 32GB model and why I wouldn't settle for less than 32GB of system memory on my phone going forward.

    This isn't a comment on the SGS4 - I've played with one and it's a really nice phone - but I personally prefered the One so I bought that. Regardless, if I hadn't had a choice of devices with at least 32GB of system memory I wouldn't have even considered the SGS4.
  7. Captain Mal 78

    Captain Mal 78 Well-Known Member

    I advise just waiting until this fall and see what new phones are offered. The 16 gb internal memory is a deal breaker for me considering that my two year old phone has more usable internal memory. I want at least 32 gb plus sd card slot. That's why I'm planning on getting the 32 gig S4 or the 64 gig HTC One, whichever T-Mobile gets first. If neither come to T-Mobile this year, I'll switch to AT&T (and probably get the 64gb HTC One) or look at what else is offered on T-Mobile. Huge fail on Samsung's part for not offering a 32gb S4 at release. That should've been the minimum. For now, I have a rooted S2 running like a champ on Jelly Beast with a new battery. No hurry to upgrade until I see something that's really worth it.
  8. devswap

    devswap Active Member

    Thanks for all the replies. I am in the UK by the way when you guys are talking about networks but I appreciate the comments anyway. From all I read over here I question on whether we will ever see the 32gb model as I dont think the S3 version is widely available. I just dont understand Samsung's decisions recently - in my opinion if they are going to stick with SDcards and phones with only 16gb memory then they have to mod their OS so that you have the choice to use the sd card for the home folder / storage area and then all apps would use that by default. Otherwise I cant see why they dont ship the 32gb and 64gb versions - is it that they need the production line for the 16gb models and hence cant make the others? why have different models on paper but never make them for multiple markets.

    I have a galaxy tab 2 and hence I really want to stick with Samsung for my phone but unless the 32gb model appears I fear Samsung are basically saying - go away, we dont want your business - go and get a HTC one.
  9. rivera02

    rivera02 Well-Known Member

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  10. devswap

    devswap Active Member

    Thanks Rivera - I will be interested to see how well that works - wonder if its just the app binary files or whether its all the links from the app. Take for example Google Music - say its approx 30MB (I have no idea how big it is) then moving this to the SD Card wont save alot but moving the music folder that it uses could move 5gb or even more. However will this music folder be moved with the app or purely the app itself, in which case this new feature is pointless.
  11. rushmore

    rushmore Well-Known Member

    The somehow is they are ingoring Android team's direction to not use it, since created customer service costs to carriers and retailers. Well, Android wanted it gone anyway, but this gave them cover to do it without pushback.

    Not too sure the carriers are going to like the tech support costs that this will certainly create. That is unless the reasons before: Stability, card swapping and cheap cards go away.

    Samsung created the issue by not offering larger sizes out of the gate beyond an allocation to one carrier.
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  12. lotus49

    lotus49 Well-Known Member

    There are ways round the limitations such as foldermount. If you really don't want to root and are happy with a hamstrung phone, you don't have much choice. However, I'd say that rooting is pretty much a necessity if you want to make the most of any Android phone. That being the case, you are better off with the S4 because it has an SD slot unlike the One.
  13. Shocky

    Shocky On Probation

    I'm glad they're ignoring them, just freed up another 1GB of space from my internal storage by moving the apps to sd. This new firmware with foldermount is very convenient. :D

    The faster sdcards are allot cheaper now, also the Galaxy S4 sdcard slot is inside the phone it's not really something users will be taking out very often.
  14. rushmore

    rushmore Well-Known Member

    Simple way to have reduced issues big-time would have been to offer the 32GB at same time like the S3. they were blinded by a desire to set a channel ship milestone of 10 million units. All they have done is load plenty of inventory into channels, so no "out of stock" buzz like the S3 had with a less aggressive global roll-out and 32GB options. Well, not all channels got 32GB then either, but more than this time around.

    Samsung deserves the grief :)


    Especially with that gosh awful S3 update just released. I would have never thought they could kill signal on a firmware update for a one year mature device. If the S4 had a 32GB, I would be a bystander to the chaos :) ;)

    Wild concept: Release a firmware update on an already not too great reception device and make it WEAKER. Winning!
  15. Shocky

    Shocky On Probation

    I don't think anyone will disagree, they should have only released 32GB and 64GB.

    If it wasn't for the sdcard slot i'd probably be using a HTC One.

    The speed of the internal storage is pretty amazing though compared to previous generations, 80MB Read and 45MB Write. We may not have much internal storage but at least it's fast. :D
  16. hosta

    hosta Member

    Sweet. This is music to my ears. It's one of the "issues" I've been pondering over regarding the S4.

    Now I just need to decide whether it's worth it for me to wait on the "Active" version. I doubt I'm going to be playing Angry Birds in the rain, so I should probably just go ahead and get the cheaper one (and one that's currently available!)
  17. Sierra255

    Sierra255 Well-Known Member

    I got a 16GB S4 on June 1 (all that Sprint offers) and I'm beginning to really regret that decision. I have signed up for the Google Play Music All Access and really like it, but all of your music gets stored on the internal storage. There's no way around as far as I've seen. I don't have that much music either, but my internal storage is already full. I have a 64GB SD card, too, but right now it's only being used to store photos that I take, a complete waste if you ask me. I really like the phone, too, which makes this even worse. It seems like there are too many things fighting with each other (small internal storage only being offered by wireless companies, data caps that restrict streaming, certain programs and their data only being allowed on the internal storage, etc.) and we the consumers get screwed. I'm pretty damn frustrated right now.
  18. rushmore

    rushmore Well-Known Member

    I do not think the sd method in the update will help your issue. It will be interesting if the update moves the main files for GTA 3 as example, since the previous apps 2 sd method did move all but a few megs.
  19. Shocky

    Shocky On Probation

    I don't remember apps2sd ever moving data and I used it allot, pretty sure your wrong.
  20. rushmore

    rushmore Well-Known Member

    I have been using apps 2 sd when you were in diapers!! Wait, that is the wrong analogy...... I really do not have one here other than knowing GTA has a 1.3GB data file and moved to sd with the olden method on the Razr. Some moved some did not, but that one did.

    As mentioned before, it could be a case of the framework resources were set up before, or changes now prevent this.


    None the less, if GTA 3 does not transfer, the new method is different. GTA has not changed in regards to where it puts stuff.
  21. itsallgood

    itsallgood Well-Known Member

    I feel your pain and frustration. I just bought mine a few days ago. After the first day as I was transferring everything from my Atrix 4G to my SGS 4, I was getting low on internal memory. (I wasn't even halfway done down loading my apps.) I took it back to AT&T and got the 32 GB and now I'm happy. (I have to pay the difference and restock fee.) But worth it in the long run.
  22. rushmore

    rushmore Well-Known Member

    Since I have the S3 32GB and now rolled back with Odin to the previous stock rom, the S3 will have to do for now. My positive spin to the S4 still remains after further testing other people's S4:

    1. Radio reception is the same
    2. I notice no speed improvement in UI or 3D games. Surprisingly, even game emulators like MAMEreloaded play with same frame rate.
    3. Sound quality is about the same. S4 does have an impedance issue with buds less than 16 ohms, but those are not too common now.
    4. Display looks the same from normal view distance. You have to get close to notice the better res of the S4.
    5. Battery life appears to be the same.
    6. The S4 gets a little hotter than the S3, but they both get hot, none the less. Added: My son's iPhone gets hot too, so all phones packing speed and fast radios get hot.

    For Verizon, the trump card is 17GB more storage on the S3 32GB than the 16 model being offered.

    Heck, I might even hold out long enough for the S4 refresh with the 800 Snap in it. Lower fabrication process (less heat and better battery) and faster. Who am I kidding- as if Verizon will carry it.
  23. Shocky

    Shocky On Probation

    Well it's obvious you haven't used one much.

    1. Don't care, it didn't need improving.
    2. 3d games are faster on the Galaxy S4, no question. emulators are quicker, try PSXe and N64 emulators with framerate displayed, they are faster.
    3. Sound's fine to me.
    4. Display does not look the same, it's noticeably sharper all round and you really notice the resolution advantage when using the browser as you can fit more on the screen and the text is sharper, also colours are not as offensive as the Galaxy S3 and the screen modes are actually useful.
    5. Battery life is better than than Galaxy S3, I'm getting more screen on time on the S4 vs the S3.
    6. My Galaxy S3 got hotter than my Galaxy S4, it does get warm but nothing to be concerned about.
  24. rushmore

    rushmore Well-Known Member

    1. The radio compared to the DNA, iPhone and Razr is not as good, so not agreeing there.
    2. I did not notice them faster. Smooth is smooth to me. Did not test GTA with full settings though.... I mainly tested MAMEreloaded. Dead or Alive + and other 3d games. The S3 is the same. Of course games that leverage the hardware should be faster, but an offset is probably the S3 GPU is pushing half the pixels.
    3. The impedance issue is a confirmed issue with the Qualcomm version. 16 ohm or higher you do not notice.
    4. Props do your better eyesight :)
    5 & 6. The device is faster with same fabrication (same resistance) and twice the pixels. How can it not get hotter and have similar battery life? It got a little hotter for me than the S3, but only going by buds and staff at my local Verizon that got an S4 rotation.

    Besides, I am sticking with my rationalization ;) I am an objective natured person, so will side with you since you actually use the device and I only tested. You have more cred by default :) I hope a 32 is released by VZW, so I can follow up with your same level of use!
  25. Shocky

    Shocky On Probation

    You just haven't tested enough games, even with a higher resolution the Galaxy S4 is still faster.

    Compare 3dmark scores, it isn't even close.

    Galaxy S3 - 2731
    Galaxy S4 - 11744

    The only way a game would perform the same is if was unoptimized and/or badly coded.

    As for heat, ask Samsung and Qualcomm, I really don't care. I game allot on all my devices and they all get warm, the Galaxy S4 is no different and no worse.

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