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  1. Van Trebla

    Van Trebla Member

    Hey Guys,

    We want to introduce you our first free Android app called “Crashtest Hero”.
    The team only consist of me and my brother and we are developing over 9 month now. Work is still in progress and we will hopefully release it in about 4-5 month.

    We`ve tought everything ourselves from scratch. We just hit the alpha-state and because of that we have created a short preview teaser for you ;)

    Android Game - Crashtest Hero Alpha - YouTube



    It`s a classic bike race game, but with beautiful graphics and a nice steering mechanism.
    Most games of this type were designed too easy and not nice designed, so we have decided to make our own. There are plenty of cool features that will be integrated in the final version, such as:

    - Coins/Points
    - Speedboost
    - Achievement system (e.g. for backflips, crashes, and so on)
    - Bike upgrades and special equipment
    - Funny minigames
    - Story, menu and driver animation
    - On launch there will be 4 different worlds and in each world 10 maps to choose from
    - Steering will be tuned

    We still have tons of cool features, planned to be realeased with future updates.

    If you like it, share it ;)
    For more informations visit us on facebook, follow us on twitter or google+



  2. Van Trebla

    Van Trebla Member

  3. Van Trebla

    Van Trebla Member

  4. Van Trebla

    Van Trebla Member

    Hey guys, we want to introduce you our first mobile game for Android.
    If you like what so play please give us feedback and maybe a 5 star rating :)


    Crashtest Hero for Android®, is an Adventure motocross game with realistic physics,
    detailed graphics and challenging levels that will require major efforts to get through the
    different parallel universes without damage.

    Playstore Link:

    Our main character Carl is a Crashtest Dummy who gets rid of his job as an dummy for a big car
    All he wants is to explore our beautiful mother earth and so felt in love with his fi rst motocross

    After some awesome trips through France, China and Brazil he suddenly found himself stuck
    between crazy parallel universes and it is your job to get him out of there.
    Are you ready to help Carl out of there?

    Crashtest Hero Features:

    • Kick-Ass physics
    • Handcrafted detailed graphics
    • Great menus and sounds
    • Crazy and freaked out levels
    • and many more!

    Crashtest Hero will be first available on the Android Playstore for free. You can buy a lot of awesome
    stuff but no pay to win, because we focus on costumer satisfaction

    Follow us on:

    WEBSITE: www.vantrebla.com
    Facebook: facebook.com/VanTrebla
    Twitter: twitter.com/VanTrebla
  5. codesplice

    codesplice Elite Recognized Moderator Moderator

    Hi @Van Trebla :)

    I've merged your announcements to comply with the forum's "one thread per developer" policy, which aims to reduce forum clutter while making it easier for our members to follow your releases. :thumbsupdroid:

    Please take a moment to review the posting guidelines and feel free to contact me if you have any questions. :)

    Good luck with your app! :thumbsupdroid:
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