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  1. Eddie5850

    Eddie5850 New Member

    I'm having an issue with my new HTC one x plus while playing games and generally just using the phone, I've been getting these lag spikes in games like temple run 1, temple run 2, gta 3 and gta vice city. It's noticeably and shouldn't happen, because my Asus transformer prime, that has the same Cpu (even downclocked abit from) can play these games at ease with no lag.

    Been searching on the internet abit looking for a solution, but no luck.

    Why is this happening and how do i fix it?

  2. therine07

    therine07 New Member

    I would make sure you have Power Saver turned off because it limits your cpu power. I have played all three of those games on my HTC One X Plus and I have seen no lag whatsoever (including playing Temple Run 2 at highest settings).

    Another thing I often check for before I start cpu intensive games is for background processes. Even though this phone should be able to handle it, I have a habit of closing all recent apps (not services) from the background to have a clean slate.
  3. Eddie5850

    Eddie5850 New Member

    I never run on power saver mode, and I'm even playing temple run 2 at medium settings!, and I often use the task mananger to close any running apps, and with everything closed it still uses about 720-800 mb of memory. Is this a normal thing? Yesterday I even did a full reset on my device, and its still laggin.

    Could it be that I have a faulty device?

    Update: Tested some benchmark tools, to see if my cpu isint running at its optimal speed.

    total score 15952
    CPU 8346
    GPU 4190
    RAM 2520

  4. therine07

    therine07 New Member

    The Quadrant score seems to sound reasonable, but I'm not so sure about the RAM in use (from what I'm seeing on mine). I usually have 650-675mb in use (probably due to the fact that I disabled all of the ATT bloatware apps/services). And the fact that you did a factory reset and still saw lags is definitely strange. At this point, I'd definitely reach out to the source from which you bought the device and see what they can do.
  5. Growler74

    Growler74 New Member

    I to have begun seeing similar issues... but it's not whilst doing anything extreme such as 3D gaming... it's simply whilst viewing web pages or using the ui.

    the phone worked great for the 1st month ( in fact it was awesome! ) but now I'm starting to see more often that when I go to scroll on a webpage, and for example, it freezes then gets all glitchy and juttery as it tries to scroll ( freezing for up to 5-10 seconds at a time as it scrolls every few lines). The same happens occasionally when flicking between home screens. On occasion it has frozen completely and required a hard reboot.

    I normally try to go one of my system viewing apps to see if anything is chewing ram or cpu but everything appears fine when I get there. Can't say I'm pushing the phone hard at all... certainly nothing I didn't already have on my Desire HD before. I've tried a factory reset and reinstall but to no avail. Gotta say, at one month old and already resetting I'm disappointed - that's a waste of a few good hours right there.

    C'mon htc... I thought you wanted to win back the market?

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