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landscape keyboard has disappearedSupport

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  1. reubixcubix

    reubixcubix Member

    mmm.. my keyboard in landscape had disappeared... i say disappeared because i cant see it , but if i tap where the letters should be they flash up briefly.
    no problems with portrait , but doesnt come up anymore when i rotate.

    any ideas ?? i have big stubby fingers and need to use it in landsacape mode:D

  2. danjones87

    danjones87 New Member

    I also seem to have this problem with my HTC Desire C, in the message or email screen, the keyboard is replaced by an additional image of the entered text screen, but when typing were the keyboard should be, the keys flash up.

    Very annoying.

    To add to this, when I flick to the number keyboard, that does not display in vertical or horizontal.
  3. pbrown00

    pbrown00 New Member

    Did you get a reply on how to fix this? Same problem this AM...thxs
  4. danjones87

    danjones87 New Member

    Yeah I figured it out.

    Go into Settings - Apps - All

    I then went into HTC Sense and HTC Sense Input and cleared all the data and cache. Turn phone off for 60 seconds to reset and then all should be well.

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  5. domfox

    domfox New Member

    Excellent advice. Thanks

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