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  1. hami

    hami Member

    Good Day,

    Who can help me to make ready my phone to show Persian language?

    Already I can't surff the Persian sites or read the Persian SMS.

    Best Regards,

  2. ibnturab

    ibnturab Active Member


    I don't have the moto xt720. However, As far as sms, try a program called mirsal. It has arabic characters so it might partially do the job.

    As far as you're web browser, I don't know of a way of fixing it. There is a program called Persian Browser but is only for 2.2 froyo. If moto updates your fone to it, you would then be able to browse using that program.
  3. arashuk

    arashuk New Member

    how i can downloud persian browser for my htc hero
  4. Lineboss

    Lineboss New Member

    I did that using "type fresh" it is exist on the Market.
    you need Arabic Fonts , I used "Dejavu_Fonts_By_Aman_Alshurafa" (put the fonts files in some folder in sd card and use the type fresh restore button to load them into phone)
    The last step is to load arabic keyboard as "Ibrahi keboard" from Market & it well be good to load "Arabic Language Interface" from market

  5. solenero68

    solenero68 Member

    test morelocale apk

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