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language problems galaxy camera EK-GC100ZWAXSG

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  1. binnoma

    binnoma New Member

    hey guys i want help for my Galaxy Camera EK-GC100ZWAXSG

    i want Add new language i buy Camera FR and i Travel i can't find only Language US_UK i want AR for keyboard or input .

    plz help for that i

  2. DC IT

    DC IT Well-Known Member

    I think you have to go to:
    Settings / scroll down to "Language and input "/ click "Language" / select your choice.
  3. binnoma

    binnoma New Member

    DC IT bro i can't add mor Language only 2 here UK - US
  4. binnoma

    binnoma New Member

    Possible that be IOS Europe not Asia
    how can i use Asia IOS

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