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Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by thetingster, Sep 12, 2010.

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    Ok, I sincerely hope someone has an answer for this. I am running xtrROM 4061 and I use the multitouch keyboard.

    However, the other day I installed Kaosfroyo v34 and noticed that in the multitouch keyboard settings there was the option to select the language between English and spanish. I selected English and the prediction while typing was much more accurate. For one example, I didn't have to hit shift everytime I used "I".

    Now here is my problem. I love my installation of xtrROM. And really don't want to switch permanently to Kaosfroyo to get this to work. I still found kaosfroyo to be a little sluggish. Does anyone know a way to add this option to select language in the multitouch keyboard on xtrROM or a way to edit the dictionary so these predictions are like they were running froyo?

    Thank you!

    Note: I have found an option in settings to choose english or spanish but no matter which I select there was no difference. Also that language selection option is not in the multitouch keyboard settings as it is on Froyo.

    Edit: Still anyone know how to get the language to work right on the multitouch keyboard? I still always have to capitalize I, and it's not as accurate as running on Froyo.


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