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Language toggle button on keyboardGeneral

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  1. hobocop

    hobocop Active Member

    Since the ICS update, I've noticed there's a new button on my keyboard, just to the left of the comma at the bottom, that only has one purpose: toggling the dictionary between EN (English) and NL (Netherlands).

    I realize other dictionaries can be added and I'm sure it's useful to some people - No complaints, just curious as I've been trying to figure out why it picked NL as the default alt language? It's been riddling me for a few days now... Thanks!

  2. Xerses

    Xerses Well-Known Member

    My keyboard has several languages attached to it. If you want to change the languages associated with the button on the keyboard do the following....

    Settings -> Language and input -> Option button to the right of the keyboard name. The keyboard you use by default is the one you want to modify. I use Swype so I pressed on the option button for Swype. -> Select or deselect the languages you want/don't want.
  3. mohsennazari

    mohsennazari New Member

    May mobil galagxi ac2 dosnt hawe lange ge farsi wat can i do

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