Laptop docking station and Note 10.1Tips

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  1. Thorchild

    Thorchild New Member


    I'm currently exploring ways to connect my Note 10.1 to the Smart board/VGA in my classroom. Ideally, I would also like sound through the independent speakers. My first thoughts are thus:

    Ekit 4 straight into the tablet.

    eKit 4 in 1 Connection Kit Compatible with Galaxy Tab 8.9", Galaxy Tab 2 10.1" and Galaxy Note 10.1": Computers & Accessories

    iKross connector into the micro usb on the Ekit.

    iKross MHL Micro-USB to VGA Display and Stereo Audio: Electronics

    Not sure if that will work, but I'm still exploring.

    My second thought was a laptop docking station with an independent power supply that everything could plug in to and could be left on my desk. Again, not sure if this will work, but I was looking at this one:

    If I could connect that via the USB to the 30 pin on the tablet, it would have all the VGA/sound/usb requirements I could possibly need.

    Before I start spending, has anyone tried this before or have any other configurations?



  2. Szadzik

    Szadzik Well-Known Member

  3. Thorchild

    Thorchild New Member

    Thanks for the reply, but those options are not suitable either.
    I need to be able to connect a standard (male), VGA monitor connector to the tablet as that is used on all projector/smart boards in schools for displaying a laptop on the screen. I would also like to be able to connect the speakers to the tablet using a standard 3.5mm jack, which is why I was looking at my option 2, as it has all the relevant connections that I need. I thought if I could connect it to the tablet using option 1 via the micro USB, I might have a solution.

    I have seen a VGA to 30 pin connector, but it was for the iPad. I need something like this, but with a 3.5mm jack like my option 2.

    Apple 30pin Dock to VGA Cable Adaptor apple vga Video Converter for iPad iPhone: Computers & Accessories
  4. Szadzik

    Szadzik Well-Known Member

    You cannot just randomly choose an accessory for a device and decide to use it with your tablet, does not work like that.

    The only thing to achieve your goal is to add an HDMI to VGA converter and you are done. The docking station I linked to has audio out and connector that will let you use tablet to HDMI and then you only need HDMI to VGA. Even though, I truly doubt those projectors only have VGA and not HDMI, but still.

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