Laptop or Xoom?

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  1. rjoudrey

    rjoudrey Well-Known Member

  2. knivesout

    knivesout Well-Known Member

    I agree with you somewhat on the iPad 2 not necessarily forcing the price drop, but I think it may contribute, based on how many people buy an iPad 2 versus the Xoom - especially if the iPad 2 has a "surprise" release next week. Most people you'll meet on the street don't care as much about Android as those of us on these forums do, and many of them know exactly what to expect from an iPad.

    So, the way it looks to me:

    March: iPad 2 releases, more hype builds over new Honeycomb/Tegra 2 tablets, release dates get confirmed, etc.
    April: A new Android tablet or two get released, and so on for the next 6 months.

    Motorola will be forced into conceding their high prices throughout the next 3 months, IMO.
  3. Big Calhoun

    Big Calhoun Well-Known Member

    If you're just mostly browsing and puttzing around the net: Xoom

    If you have specialized needs such as graphic or music editing: Laptop
  4. rushmore

    rushmore Well-Known Member

    Whooa! Careful on that high horse! ;)
  5. Wolfedude88

    Wolfedude88 Well-Known Member

    I am very big into Android and root every phone I have, and use custom roms and kernels. I have been following the Xoom just not as much as I would have liked.

    I was more curious to see how fast the browsing speed can be. I know it wont do everything a laptop can, which I am totally fine with. I just want to know if the web browser loads quickly, some have said it does, and wanted to see how youtube runs on it.

    I have seen the reviews, but I always think it is best to check the forums and get first hand user experience. I have owned 6 android devices and know how to operate them all. I just want to make sure this tablet isn't going to be a waste, I want to make sure that the speed is sufficient. I am not talking about lag or flipping through screens. Just making sure the actual web browsing is good, stuff like that.

    Also I know flash doesn't work yet, no biggie. I know the circumstances with the Xoom, just want real user feedback.

  6. Wolfedude88

    Wolfedude88 Well-Known Member

    Sorry if I have confused anyone and not given a lot of information. My PC is a great PC and will do everything I need from it. The laptop vs Xoom debate is just something I wanted to make sure of. I like having something portable, which both would be.

    I dont need it for music editing/microsoft office or anything to that nature. My PC is seriously 5 to 10 feet away. I just want something that I can use on the couch and surf the web, that isn't slow, and youtube, stuff like that.

    Seems like most are saying the Xoom will be fine for that, which is what I was worried about. I don't want an Ipad or netbook, not for me, fine for others.

    I just needed to make sure buying an Xoom would be justified and wouldn't be disappointed with browsing with it. Heck if I bought a laptop it would have been cheap because like I said my PC is more than capable for most things.

    Thanks everyone I appreciate everyone's feedback no matter what it is.
  7. Wolfedude88

    Wolfedude88 Well-Known Member

    I will eventually get both, wife just likes to not buy two big items at once, even if we have the money. I figure since she will let me, I can honor that. I want to buy the Xoom, just making sure it would be suitable.
  8. Mitchrapp

    Mitchrapp Well-Known Member

    I always find it worth the money, for me it replaces a laptop. Once we get flash a d I can find a good RDP I'm good to go. And its cheaper than a good laptop. So I stead of updating my 3 year old laptop which can cost anywhere from 1200$ to 2000$, I save. And that's on the cheap side.

    I always find a tablet compliments the PC perfectly.
  9. knivesout

    knivesout Well-Known Member


    Why not just cheap laptops, it seems like you guys could really use them in this situation...I'm of the opinion that the current Android/iOS tablets aren't really intended to be laptop replacements. Web browsing/reading/music, and anything more than that I would consider a luxury on them. They're also much more expensive than the kind of laptop you guys would need to perform the same function more smoothly, and probably faster to boot.
  10. mrspeedmaster

    mrspeedmaster Well-Known Member

    Because these are perks of the job. We already have laptops.

    Boss: "You need to be on-call and have available access to our servers at moment's call."

    Me: "I don't plan to carry a laptop w/ me 24/7"

    Boss: "What 3G tablet will give you want you need. It needs to be on you, or in your car."

    Me: "Sure, let me research that"

    The 1st gen iPads have already proven themselves during server meltdowns.

    I was travelling abroad and paid $15 for a 3G SIM that gave me Internet access in Latin America. I had to actually VPN & SSH once and the company saw the value in that. In fact, the iPads saved me a few times.

    It is like being a fireman. You don't realize how important they are until there is a 5 alarm blazing fire. We have admins & developers that take extended leaves like Sailing the America's CUP or hiking Nepal and having a 3G tablet as the umbilical cord to the world is important.

    Boss said, "Hey the XOOM is out and the iPad 2. Get One and give your old iPad to one of the sales people to use. My answer was, oh hell yes"
  11. Mitchrapp

    Mitchrapp Well-Known Member

    You'll be surprise how many people use a laptop for those very reasons, web and reading and music and email.
  12. knivesout

    knivesout Well-Known Member

    I dunno man, I'm in the same situation. Although I need special software for some of the stuff I work on (stuff that will NEVER be found in an app market of any kind), I tote the laptop to and fro and it's really not a big deal...I suppose you're probably used to the iPad at this point, but it seems like that would be a hindrance at times. Typing would be especially annoying, and lack of window management would probably come in second, but if you're carrying around an iPad and a Bluetooth keyboard, you have 2 halves of a better tool in one product.
  13. dellinqwartz

    dellinqwartz New Member

    I think laptop is best for you because it is new generation gadget and all things and all software are available in it. If you get xoom then you will not get most usable software. So keep in mind and think some for laptop.

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  14. metalimi

    metalimi Active Member

    Too late!
  15. BiGMERF

    BiGMERF Well-Known Member

    if you had to have 1 or the other i would go laptop... def
  16. TPadden

    TPadden Member

    If you went with the Xooom - I'd agree. You said you have a desktop - since purchasing my Xoom I haven't turned my also new laptop on. If I really need computing the desktop is there, but for everything else the Xoom is sufficient.
  17. HiDef

    HiDef Active Member

    I have been a power laptop user for many years including photo editing and video, so I've always had a fast/big laptop to enable that need. But...on business trips I don't usually have to do this work but I've had to carry the massive laptop with me.

    I just returned from a two-day business trip with my Xoom plus Bluetooth keyboard - the first time I've never carried my laptop. I am now convinced - most all business trips I can take my Xoom (only) and solve all my needs.

    1. You can pull it out comfortably on the airplane - no way I can even open the lid of my laptop.

    2. All reading material is present - no magazines/books to lug around.

    3. Tether through my rooted Evo4G makes communication anywhere a piece of cake.

    4. Bluetooth keyboard makes text entry easy/fast - really seemless. I do find this important for some work I do.

    5. Using Dropbox on PC/Xoom means all my key documents are easily synchronized.

    I'm a convert to traveling with Xoom. I'll only lug my laptop around if I need to be a power user on the road, which isn't all that often. I encourage you to try it!
  18. sarashah

    sarashah Member

    In my Opinion you should buy Xoom or iPad 2.
  19. vamp6x6x6x

    vamp6x6x6x Well-Known Member

    I actually have kind of the same choice to make but different...See, I already have a Xoom and I finally have enough money for a new laptop(bc the one I am on now is about 8 years old), but the ipad 1 is about the same price as the laptop I wanna get....

    Now, I found that my Xoom can be hooked to a external drive, so it could be used as my main computer like my laptop is now, but I have kind of grown use to a laptop to be honest, so idk what to do...

    And before you ipad fans say it, no I don't care that the ipad 2 is a bit faster and thinner then the ipad im deciding to get or not.
  20. czechplastik

    czechplastik Well-Known Member

    What do you need the laptop for? Why would you buy iPod 1 when it is less functional than both your Xoom or new laptop would be? Your logic is flawed man.
  21. vamp6x6x6x

    vamp6x6x6x Well-Known Member

    lol, yea, I agree, but the thing is that I am tired of the iOS(ipad) having games like Peggle, PvZ, Pocket God(theirs has more episodes), Pocket Devil, etc...

    But, then again these games will all most likely come to android sooner or later...I suppose.
  22. opplife

    opplife Well-Known Member

    I was in the same position.. I caved into the XOOM but now Im thinking of taking it back today ( only 1 day later )

    1. Because no android 3.1 has been rolled out to me
    2. Because 2 of my top movie/tv show sites that I watch and use all the time on my laptop without issue... are having major issues on the xoom ( they stutter and when they do play... they finally stop after about 3 or 4 mins and dont ever start again! )

    Very disappointed in it.. I love the rest of the things on it but im afraid I need functionality and its just not giving me that.

    So i may take it back and get a laptop ( windows )
  23. opplife

    opplife Well-Known Member

    Update: I took it back and got refund ( will revist android tablets in 2012 and 2013 once they have got of the early stages
  24. Mitchrapp

    Mitchrapp Well-Known Member

    Xoom rocks. Cheaper than a laptop and less downtime.
  25. gamul1

    gamul1 Well-Known Member

    I agree that this is a big problem on the Xoom (and presumably Android in general maybe...?). But this seems like such a narrow use case compared to all the great things the Xoom does. Did you really only buy this to watch TV on? I mean, I know you gave it a tremendous amount of test time before returning it, but did you find the Xoom useful for anything else?

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