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  1. jeanthunder

    jeanthunder New Member

    guyz i m new to android!! and till now what i feel is it is shit!!
    i bought a HTC ONE V (which I regret), should have bought an iphone!!
    i thought its android 4.0 so it must be good!!

    now my problem is i want to know how can i use my laptops wifi to access internet on my phone!!
    Don't just say root it or smthin!! i dont understand a shit about android,,
    and i wont root it cos i heard i might loose warranty!

    so help me!! tell me how to do it!
    tell me software or app. watever dere is to do it??

    remember: i am talking about laptops fixed internet on phone
    and not phones internet on laptop..

  2. Embridioum

    Embridioum Active Member

    Sorry to hear your experiences with Android so far is not up to par with your expectations.
    I have an iPhone at work and an HTC Legend privately and for me it's no question that Android is the superior OS, even though my phone only runs Froyo (two versions older than your Ice Cream Sandwich/4.0).
    Hopefully you will learn to love it.

    Now to your question:
    If your laptop is connected to internet via WiFi, your Android phone should be able to connect to the same router/switch. If it doesn't work there might be a mac-filter active on the connection point and then you must go to its settings and allow your phones ID to connect (you should find your phone's mac address under Settings/About/Hardware information or something like that.

    Good luck!
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  3. jeanthunder

    jeanthunder New Member

    my laptop is connected to the internet via fixed LAN! i want to share the internet over wifi! I hosted a network on my laptop! but when i try connecting to it via phone it says "Standard Android does not support connecting to IBSS(Ad-Hoc) type networks."
  4. El Presidente

    El Presidente Beware The Milky Pirate! Moderator

    Welcome to AF Jean! :)

    I'm sorry you appear to be having problems and Android doesn't meet your expectations so far. It's obvious you're a tad annoyed, but people of all ages read this forum, so if you could tone the language down a little in future I'd appreciate that, thanks.

    Without root and/or installing a custom ROM, your options are limited I'm afraid. Is it the fact that it would void your warranty or the fact that you think it would be overly difficult that puts you off rooting?
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  5. CafeKampuchia

    CafeKampuchia Well-Known Member

    I know you're looking for an ad-hoc wifi connection but it can also be done via USB. You'll see the option when you plug the phone in as well as under Settings > Wireless & networks > More > Internet pass-through.

    Try giving the One V time. I've had mine for a month and have really come to enjoy it, though I still envy El Presidente's One X :)
  6. jeanthunder

    jeanthunder New Member

    thx dude!! but i hv already tried that and it works fine!! but i want a wireless connection!!! have ne idea bout dat???
  7. CafeKampuchia

    CafeKampuchia Well-Known Member

    Sorry, I wish I did.
  8. jeanthunder

    jeanthunder New Member

    ok! if not wifi! is dere an app so that i can share laptops internet on phone via bluetooth??

    wifi or bluetooth!! anything would do!! HELP!
  9. HtcOne

    HtcOne New Member

  10. dgcruzing

    dgcruzing Well-Known Member


    sounds like you are a not a droid man anyway..bleating on about how bad your phone is..
    embrace android and it will embrace you..
    if not..head back to isuck phones and see if you can pick yourself up a dented isuck5:p
  11. shaolinx

    shaolinx Member

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