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  1. JasonC

    JasonC Well-Known Member

    Has anyone created an app yet and noticed that the size is on the large side?

    I've done one app with 4 buttons (2 of which contain small images), 3 labels, a TEXTING component and a CLOCK component and the size of the app when installed on my phone is 3.7mb :(

  2. Rob_A

    Rob_A Well-Known Member

    what's the size when you create it without the images?
  3. JasonC

    JasonC Well-Known Member

    I've removed the 2 images that were in use and the size is still the same :(
  4. cr5315

    cr5315 Well-Known Member Developer

    The way app inventor makes the apps means that the apps will be bigger than they would be if made out of code. But Google is working on making them smaller.
    The larger file sizes are a problem for me too, until LG gives the Ally 2.2. I made a pretty cool app, but it would't fit on my phone.
  5. JasonC

    JasonC Well-Known Member

    I guess there isn't a way to make the app movable to SD card either yet? that would be cool.
  6. -ebby-

    -ebby- Well-Known Member

    How big was it? you should have hundreds of Mbs before you installed anything and it takes a lot of apps to fill that

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