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  1. Painkiller1009

    Painkiller1009 Well-Known Member

    What is the largest upload to youtube you have done in 720p?
    File size / Mb?
    Length / Min?

    I just uploaded my first one messing around. It was only 18Mb.
    It had some problems.
    First I didnt know that I had to be in WI-Fi so I went in the house and connected to my network.
    Then it just said waiting for Wi-Fi on the notification bar. I let it be for 15 mins while I looked for answers on the net on my home computer.
    I went to update my facebook status on my droid x and it locked up...hmmm never happened before.
    Had to take the battery all the way out to get it to work agian. Ok what ever there.
    Then when it all came back on it started uploading the youtube vid no problem.

    Weird. :confused:

    Anyways, whats the largest file you have uploaded?

  2. Painkiller1009

    Painkiller1009 Well-Known Member

  3. dguy

    dguy Well-Known Member

    When you upload to youtube, it has to process the video; it takes time for it to be available in full resolution. It's available in 720P now fyi.
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  4. Painkiller1009

    Painkiller1009 Well-Known Member

    Thanks Dguy I didn't know that.
    Whats the largest file uploads you guys have done?
  5. deftdrummer

    deftdrummer Well-Known Member

    Yesterday I uploaded a 20MB 720P video from my Droid to Youtube to test it out. I was on my 16MB Comcast cable connection on a wireless N router. Not that the wireless N matters much because the DX is not compatible, but in my experiences having an N router still makes things like uploads faster.

    The video timed out several times but ultimately it uploaded in about 25 minutes with the timeouts which were no more than 30 seconds to a minute in between. Can't explain the timeouts but ultimately I think this day and age you're lucky if you're PC doesn't time out while plugged in to ethernet and uploading an HD video.

    I am actually very impressed with the outcome.
  6. hahaha what

    hahaha what Well-Known Member

    omg you passed my house at :18 on the right
  7. Painkiller1009

    Painkiller1009 Well-Known Member

    Thanks for in info.
  8. Painkiller1009

    Painkiller1009 Well-Known Member

    Get outa here....seriously?
  9. hahaha what

    hahaha what Well-Known Member

    no lol
  10. Evo4sickness

    Evo4sickness Well-Known Member

    Yeah that exaclty the same thing that I wanted to know with my video I uplaoded last night and still not at 720p how long does it take cause it according to the post it was 7 hours for your video but Its alread been 14 hours since I uploaded with mine and still not available.

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