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  1. jdni

    jdni Member

  2. Savage Shadows

    Savage Shadows Well-Known Member

    Just started download on my galaxy s2 (sph d710). Tomorrow, i have a nexus 4 arriving. I also have a couple phones lying around. Will give feedback here.
  3. Savage Shadows

    Savage Shadows Well-Known Member

    Tested on a galaxy s2 (my touch version - SPH D710) and encountered no issues, but only tested for a few minutes. But tested on the nexus 4, and the main menu looked like this:
    But fortunately, the game didn't show the same results.
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  4. jdni

    jdni Member

    Tnx a lot! I had some problems with the resolutions so i redesigned the whole menu. it seems to be working properly now.
  5. 66tricks

    66tricks Member

    Got a nexus7 coming in the week, will test it out on that.

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