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  1. Lizzielogs

    Lizzielogs Active Member

    Please help, I have set up a Yahoo Account on my Galaxy Y Pro and can't see a way to sign out, it looks as though it's always 'live', is that how it is?
    Also if I delete an email on my phone does it delete on the computer, I think have seen on some posts that gmail accounts do this but can't find an answer for Yahoo mail.

    I have just upgraded (moved sideways?) from a Mini to the Y Pro and am really pleased so far but can't get any help apart from you guys as I live in the boondocks in Spain!

    Thanks in advance


  2. Dieben

    Dieben Well-Known Member

    The Android Applications subforum would reach a wider audience and have a better chance of a response :)
  3. Dieben

    Dieben Well-Known Member

    "Sign Out" is a choice at the bottom of the webpage.

    Don't know where the sign out is located on the Yahoo Mail app, I prefer their website to their app.

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