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  1. tlombardi

    tlombardi Member

    Last facebook up date from yesterday,after update facebook up dont even open anymore.

  2. rlphbgby

    rlphbgby Well-Known Member

    Dont kno what this has to do with the phone but here DOWNLOAD this one (1.9.10) it's the one before the update.
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  3. tlombardi

    tlombardi Member

    thank you very much
  4. babygirl504

    babygirl504 New Member

    my boyfriend just got this phone and i downloaded facebook but it will not open up for him--i even deleted the app and reloaded and it still wont open. any suggestions? thanks
  5. babygirl504

    babygirl504 New Member

    My boyfriend just got the ZTE WARP Sequent. i downloaded facebook for him but it wouldn't open for him.i even deleted it and reloaded it and it still won't open-any idea? thanks in advance
  6. Digital Controller

    Digital Controller The Real Bass Creator Guide

    Hey there babygirl, first off welcome to the forums!

    Secondly, have you tried hard rebooting the device by removing the battery reinserting it and restarting the device.

    Try that, then if it still won't work get back to me :)
  7. rlphbgby

    rlphbgby Well-Known Member

    Facebook version 1.9.10 last working one (before the bad update)
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