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Latest Android 2.3.5 update (June 2012)General

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  1. jaypeecee

    jaypeecee Well-Known Member

    Hi folks,

    Yesterday, I received a notification of a system update. I was a bit surprised as I wasn't aware that an update was in the pipeline. Anyway, the operating system itself hasn't changed - I was already running 2.3.5 and I'm still running 2.3.5. The software number on my Wildfire S now reads but I don't know what it was beforehand. My HTC Sense version is 2.1. Does anyone have any information about this update?



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  2. jaypeecee

    jaypeecee Well-Known Member

    Am I the only person to have received this update?

  3. CafeKampuchia

    CafeKampuchia Well-Known Member

    I don't have it yet, but I'm assuming it updates apps, widgets, perhaps radio, bootloader and other things transparent to the user. As far as Android version and Sense go, 2.3.5 and 2.1 (respectively) are as high as were going to get for the Wildfire S without rooting and installing a custom ROM.
  4. slimchance

    slimchance Well-Known Member

    I got that update around the end of May, I think. No idea what I had before.

    Rooted since then and it turned out I had an unlockable bootloader.:)
  5. kai491

    kai491 New Member

    I can't seem to update :/ clockworkmod won't allow me to install the update, even after finding the .zip folder itself and install.. any suggestions
  6. Calomax

    Calomax Well-Known Member

    I was offered it a while ago but can't install it because my boot loader is unlocked. I'd like to know what it does so I can decide whether to relock it so I can install the update.
  7. slimchance

    slimchance Well-Known Member

    If you did install it, you would lose root. I doubt it will offer anything better than a rooted phone, powered by CyanogenMod ;)
  8. Calomax

    Calomax Well-Known Member

    I don't remember if it was CyanogenMod I tried. It was exactly like the stock ROM with a few extra apps. It slowed down the phone, making the unlocking ring jerky amongst other things.

    It also used a lot more memory leaving me with less than 60mb free. I restored
    my backup and now I have about 95.

    Looks like the ROM I used was "Marvel S HTC_Europe_2.26.401.3> [DSCPLX1 v1.1] +OC Kernel +"
  9. Caro332

    Caro332 Well-Known Member

    If you get memory problems, use Link2SD
  10. slimchance

    slimchance Well-Known Member

    That rom is a modded stock rom and your phone was jerky probably because the kernel was overclocked and your phone couldn't handle it. CyanogenMod 7.2 is lighter and is based on Android 2.3.7 which is a newer version than the latest OTA updates from HTC which are 2.3.5.
  11. Calomax

    Calomax Well-Known Member

    Thank you. That does seem worth trying.
  12. Calomax

    Calomax Well-Known Member

    I do use Link2sd and almost all apps are linked to the partition on my sd card. I'm quite happy to have 90 to 100mb free.
  13. slimchance

    slimchance Well-Known Member

    I'd be ecstatic if I had that much free space...
  14. morphias

    morphias Member

    My fiance's htc is unlocked and rooted but it says there is a system upgrade. She tried to do it but her phone never seems to install the system update and instead locks up.
    I am considering manually installing a newer one on her phone once i figure out how to do it or putting a custom rom on her phone.
    I just do not know what my best option is for her.
  15. slimchance

    slimchance Well-Known Member

    She will lose root access if you apply the official update. Better to install a custom ROM.
  16. Calomax

    Calomax Well-Known Member

    I asked the same question a while ago and the advice from CafeKampuchia was if I really wanted to install it I would have to re-lock the bootloader, install the update, then unlock it and re-root the phone.

    I'm planning to follow slimchance's advice and install CyanogenMod 7.2.
  17. Calomax

    Calomax Well-Known Member

    I have all possible apps linked to SD except Linkk2SD itself. Having just cleared all cache, I currently have 99.55mb free.

    Very disappointed though. This morning I installed CyanogenMod 7.2 but almost immediately restored my backup so am back on stock 2.3.5. I hated the look.

    I expected it to look like the stock Android. But what decided me without even giving it a reasonable try was that there is no option to get an XT9 keypad and I couldn't manage without it.
  18. kevm66

    kevm66 Member

    Hi jaypeecee,

    I received this update also, around May ( and another in June which changed the software number to My phone is unlocked on Vodafone Ireland.

    After both these updates I also noticed no new features but many new bugs. Such as notifications not showing properly on lockscreen and overheating.
    I contacted HTC and they said to send it for repair, but i want to find out if others are having the same problems 1st.

    Thanks, Kevin.
  19. mbaya26

    mbaya26 New Member

    Most of you are talking way beyond my capabilities here!

    I accepted the update and the only things I've noticed so far are a slightly different locked screen, a load of junk bookmarks added to my internet list and mail not working properly.

    I can download emails onto the handset, but when I try to open them, an error message flickers up, disappears, and then it returns to the inbox. Not terribly helpful. :(

    Any suggestions anyone? If it's possible, I'd be happy to uninstall the update - the new-look locked screen wouldn't be a deal breaker!
  20. gh0st89

    gh0st89 New Member

    Me and my girlfriend both just went and got new wildfires a week ago. My internal memory is already extremely low. I started researching my phone a few days ago and learned of the rooting process and am confident on trying it myself but lack the necessary equipment (computer) but I'm scared to update because of what I see on here. Any suggestions or words of wisdom?

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