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  1. regul8r

    regul8r Member

    Anyone know what the status is on some of the latest ROMs for the Incredible? CyanogenMod-6 seems to have stalled out over a month ago and I haven't heard anything new since RC-1 on Skyraider 3.0?

  2. regul8r

    regul8r Member

    NM.. discovered xda-developers has latest information on it
  3. sabrewings

    sabrewings Well-Known Member

    I'm still on Skyraider 3.0 RC2. Doing great. I'm thinking about trying RC3, but not sure.

  4. nkk

    nkk Well-Known Member

    CM 6.0.2 just came out. I have no idea what source says it has stalled out, but I would not trust that source in the future.


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