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  1. Ejgreen

    Ejgreen Active Member


    For those on orange: What software version are you running? I currently have
    android 2.3.3
    htc sense 2.1

    software number

    Is this the latest version? When I go to check for updates it claims there is no update available but my friend has a new version and is on orange!

    Please help!

    Thanks, Emily

  2. Casey_Chaos

    Casey_Chaos Well-Known Member

    My friend is on Orange and he checked for updates yesterday, still nothing. He has the same version as you. As usual Orange are last to send out any updates, part of the reason I rooted.
    Are you sure your friend hasn't got an unbranded phone even though he is on Orange?
  3. El Presidente

    El Presidente Beware The Milky Pirate! Moderator

    Is it possible they're unbranded? Do they have a 405 in their software version?
  4. Ejgreen

    Ejgreen Active Member

    hey, nah no 405 in software version, he is definately not unbranded
  5. Peegy

    Peegy Member

    Not just Orange. T-Mobile have not updated either on branded.
  6. eddiewawa

    eddiewawa Well-Known Member

    was one of the lucky ones to get the 1st 2 batches of DHD's that were unbranded 14months ago, my dad's got an orange branded DHD and he's not got anything as of yet...
  7. Got the sense 3.0 update this afternoon on Orange UK branded handset. Randomly did a check update and it appeared, update installed fine.
  8. Peegy

    Peegy Member

    I also got the upgrade last night on T-Mobile. Did a random check and it was there.
  9. Sails

    Sails Member

    I'm on a Orange branded DHD and the software update notification has just come up to upgrade to v2.3.5. My current Android version is 2.3.3 and HTC Sense version 2.1, software number
  10. Seyley

    Seyley New Member

    I'm on an Orange branded DHD and my software is now Android 2.3.5, HTC Sense version 3.0,Software number Love it!

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