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  1. poophydroid

    poophydroid Member

    Just updated the tablet and the frustrating touch responsiveness problem seems to be gone!

    Settings - About Tablet - System Updates

  2. txrose72

    txrose72 Well-Known Member

    The latest update on the Lenovo site is 27-2-12. The site link is
    Index of /124795/slates/a1/OTA
    Is that the update you made?

    There is a reset option which re-calibrates the touch screen.

    The tablet must be completely powered off with the USB cable removed. You can press either the + or - volume switch at the same time as the power switch. When tablet vibrates or LENOVO appears on the screen release both switches. Follow the directions above. You also have an option to do a system reset (soft reset), clear the cache, or a factory data reset which will dump all added Apps and data restoring the tablet to the original factory state except it does not change the system Build.

    It's possible that when your tablet was undated that all the settings were restored to their default state which fixed your touch problem. If it happens again try this touch recalibration technique.

    My tablet has powered down and refused to power back on while in the screen off mode a few times. I find this technique provides a positive reset to restore the tablet every time.
  3. poophydroid

    poophydroid Member

    I remember doing both the 'zip' update & the recalibrate attempt in your mentioned forum link about a month ago. The recalibrate attempt wasn't successful, then I did not play with the tablet until about 1 week ago, where the unresponsive screen problem was still around.

    Only few days ago I checked on System Update and it updated and fixed the unresponsive screen problem. The Build number after this update is :
    A107W0_A234_001_015_2643_ROW - I do not know if this set of numbers reflects the system update id.

  4. txrose72

    txrose72 Well-Known Member

    The last 4 digit number is the Build number. 2643 is the latest release dated the 27th of Feb. The last set of letters is for the country from what I can tell. I don't know what ROW represents but others might. Certainly glad the update fixed your problem so you get to enjoy your tablet again.
  5. emorrison33

    emorrison33 Active Member

    ROW stands for Rest Of World. SC is Simple Chinese. You want the US version for the update if you live in the US, although you can use the ROW. The Lenovo OTA site is showing a "link" for an ICS update, although there is no file yet. I heard that ICS is coming soon though, but you will not be able to update directly from system update. You will have to download the update to ICS manually to install.

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