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Latitude in Google Maps

Last Updated:

  1. captaindaniel

    captaindaniel New Member

    Anyone had any problems with this in last week, my friends locations are not updating and they are also having the same problem as me... any advice?

  2. germcevoy

    germcevoy Well-Known Member

    what phones are they using. My girl uses Latitude on her N97 mini and her status updates can take 3-4 minutes whilst those on my Hero are instant
  3. captaindaniel

    captaindaniel New Member

    I've got a HTC Magic, one friend has the same phone and another has a HTC Hero. Neither of their status have been updated for 6 days now and they also say the same thing.
  4. greg72

    greg72 Well-Known Member

    I have a Droid, wife an Eris and updates are sporadic at best.

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