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  1. bburgdroid

    bburgdroid Member

    [FONT=&quot]I have an Eris and running 2.1 (not rooted) Just started using Launcher Pro. One problem to resolve

    I installed Beautiful Widgets - Home as I thought it acted the same as it does on HTC Sense. The location is good...the time is good but when I touch the weather part of the stays static. I expected to get to see the "forecast" for the next few days.

    Also I expected it to be somewhat animated when it is invoked (fog, rain drops, sun throbbing, windshield wipers) as that's the way it is on HTC.

    I thinks some of you are using this app here on LP. Can you tell me what settings to use to get these features (animated weather and weather forecast) to work? Do I have to download and use a skin other than the default one?

    If this is a Beautiful Widgets developer question...does someone have the developer's email as it's not provided in the site (in France I believe).

    [FONT=&quot]bburgdroid [/FONT]

  2. the337

    the337 Active Member

    to get the animations in BW you have to have an SD card installed.
  3. bburgdroid

    bburgdroid Member

    I do have sd card.... it works as I described (forcast & animation) on htc sense but not on Launcher Pro.

    BW shows on the Card (under data) and then there are sub dirs...

    for forcastaddon-v4 it shows as white vs yellow (like the others) and says "can't find file type bwa"
  4. Zezozose

    Zezozose Well-Known Member

    I have Launcher Pro and Beautiful Widgets and I don't have the problem you describe. My weather is animated when I click the weather.

    I'm not sure why you think Launcher Pro is involved with the problem - does it work fine with all other launchers?
    Personally, I would uninstall and reinstall BW. If I still had the problem I would uninstall, wipe any BW skins I had downloaded and then reinstall.

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