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  1. snoprosledneck

    snoprosledneck Well-Known Member

    So I switched from Sense to launcher pro for a few days and started taking a liking to it. Did a few custom things like changed my dock bar, few custom icons, blah blah blah. I did like friend stream on Sense and realized i couldnt get it on launcher pro unless you paid for the full version "launcher pro plus" or something like that. Any Who i talked myself into it for the calender Widget they offer and for the facebook "friend stream look alike" widget. I made the purchase and had a successful unlock. I went to my open page and put my calender into use and slid on over to my other open screen where i wanted to put my facebook widget. I open the widget and it shows up with a blank screen. It says "go to prefferances go to lp widgets, select facebook, go to facebook log in, enter correct info, and tada" (in a nutshell not word for word) so i put in my informantion it shows a loading screen, and once the loading screen goes away it shows a empty log in screen again.... so i put in the info again and the samething happens! I have tried this alot and cant figure it out so if someone could help i would appreciate it. BTW i sent a email to the DEV and havent gotten a reply. Thanks for your help!

  2. lekky

    lekky Lover VIP Member

    try restarting the phone
  3. snoprosledneck

    snoprosledneck Well-Known Member

    i did but i could try again. any other suggestions.
  4. lekky

    lekky Lover VIP Member

    thinking back, i'm sure i had this issue too. try this:

    remove the widget
    sign in again
    add the widget

    not sure exactly what i did, but i was just messing around adding, re-adding and it eventually worked.
  5. snoprosledneck

    snoprosledneck Well-Known Member

    Hmmm ok i tried that and it didnt work either. I even uninstalled it and re installed it and unlocked it again (had the code obviously) and it still didnt work. I messed with it for quite sometime and still havent been able to get it to work and didnt know if i was missing something or if someone knew a trick to make it work the first time every time. IDK
  6. snoprosledneck

    snoprosledneck Well-Known Member

  7. Tasmin

    Tasmin Well-Known Member

    This is going to sound like a stupid suggestion, but have you tried clicking on the 3 buttons on the top left corner of the widget? I've found that the widgets tend to load with something other than the main "friend stream" window showing. Since I am more of a lurker on twitter and facebook that active participant, these other windows are often blank. Good luck with this - these widgets are really cool, so I hope they work for you!
  8. snoprosledneck

    snoprosledneck Well-Known Member

    yeah i have. Still doesnt work. Idk what to do with it cuz now im out of the money too
  9. snoprosledneck

    snoprosledneck Well-Known Member

    Ok i figured it out. For some reason i had to enter my information and log in using wifi! lol wtf. anyways i got it working and that makes me a happy camper. its about time! Hope this helps anyone else that was having this problem.
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  10. herb2k3

    herb2k3 New Member

    Thank you so much for the tip! It has been driving me crazy but the wifi trick worked like a charm. Thanks again!

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