Launcher Pro vs ADW Launcher vs Touch Wiz 3.0

Touch Wiz 3.0 vs Launcher Pro vs ADW Launcher

  1. Touch Wiz 3.0

    46 vote(s)
  2. Launcher Pro

    114 vote(s)
  3. ADW Launcher

    43 vote(s)

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  1. smilepak

    smilepak Well-Known Member

    Which do you prefer and why. Share screenshot setup if you have it.

  2. saps

    saps Well-Known Member

    LP guy here. Customizable dock with 15apps [technically capable of 30] and more than a 4x4 app display. Here's a screen shot showing my 4x5.
    If I get rid of text labels I can run 5x6 pretty well; although at that level of saturation it starts looking very busy
  3. d1c1ple

    d1c1ple Well-Known Member

    tested LP briefly; and just loaded ADW which seems really snappy so far. Anyone using slidescreen?
  4. gwlaw99

    gwlaw99 Well-Known Member

    I love launcher pro. The thing that annoys me about ADW is having to swipe up to get to the dock bar. Too easy to hit other icons and an extra swipe that is unnecessary.
  5. smilepak

    smilepak Well-Known Member

    Dang, really..only 1 like ADW...LP is really that good?!
  6. makemehavefun

    makemehavefun Well-Known Member

    I'm not gonna vote yet until I go back to ADW. I want to test drive Launcher Pro a bit more.

    I miss being able to swipe down anywhere on screen to pull down the notification curtain/shade. I couldn't find that functionality on Launcher Pro. Also, I haven't noticed any 'speed' difference between the two.
  7. nader2013

    nader2013 Well-Known Member

    I love Launcher Pro Plus and its widgets. That is the deal breaker for me between the two. Also am I the only one experiencing many screen redraws with LP?
  8. saps

    saps Well-Known Member

    Nope, I get it on occasion too as do countless others
  9. gwlaw99

    gwlaw99 Well-Known Member

    You can set an action to occur when you swipe up on each dock bar icon. One choice is for the notification menu to open. I have the app drawer icon set to open the notification window when I swipe up on it.
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  10. gwlaw99

    gwlaw99 Well-Known Member

    In advanced memory settings check build home screen cahes and build caches as needed. If that doesn't work set the memory preset to high.
  11. makemehavefun

    makemehavefun Well-Known Member do I. I actually just figured that out right before I read your reply. I'm also lying right through my teeth.

  12. Rimzy

    Rimzy Well-Known Member

    Launcherpro all the way. First thing I downloaded even though this is my first smartphone. When I was having force closes I almost had a panic attack... LOL....I love it, the Widgets....the 3d drawer, I can customize dock and icons.... It is a win win.....I tried ADW. That was not a good experience. ......
  13. tmar89

    tmar89 Active Member

    I tried Launcherpro and the only advantage I found is that I can hide app icons in the drawer. The transparent customizable dock is ok, but I'm fine with the standard one. Plus, I like the side to side app scrolling and not the up down style in LP. Touch Wiz works fine for me.
  14. jamesnmandy

    jamesnmandy Well-Known Member

    i voted TW 3.0 because i installed both Launcher Pro and ADW and Home Switcher just now, and simply tried each for a few minutes, didnt install any themes.....

    they were very unimpressive, i dont see what the big deal is honestly....TW works great, all it did was A. change icons a little and apps scroll up and down on one instead of side to side and B. one of them overrode my WiFi settings and turned it on by itself without asking, i would turn it off and it would immediately come back im like ok, reboot phone, installed several apps so i should i turned it off and it would not turn back on. had to plug it into USB cable and then it finally turned on....and WiFi was back to doing it's own thing finally after uninstalling ADW and LP and then Switcher my WiFi now stays off when i tell it to turn off

    ADW and LP (one or both or Switcher, i dont care which one they aren't worth it anyways) are junk in my experience
  15. joe3681

    joe3681 Member

    I have ADW. MUCH better options than Launcher Pro. I like the horizontal drawer, etc. ADW with the Droid X theme is unbeatable in my opinion!
  16. MonkeyGrass

    MonkeyGrass Well-Known Member

    LPP all the way. Not even a contest!!!
  17. saps

    saps Well-Known Member

    A few of these threads out there now percentages are always in the same ballpark, LP+ dominant that is
  18. nitsuj17

    nitsuj17 Well-Known Member

    i think the average forum user is likely to go with lpp (by this i mean poeple who have more of an awareness of their devices)

    but id say the vast majority of devs use adw or launcher 2 (stock android)

    and id say the vast majority of people who buys these phones use whatever launcher it comes with :eek:
  19. Piiman

    Piiman Well-Known Member

    And they probably have no idea you can change it either
  20. saps

    saps Well-Known Member

    Anybody ever try zeam, a few in IRC seem to love it, apparently its very streamlined
  21. brackett5

    brackett5 Well-Known Member

    Ok, well I have tried all three and this is my order:

    Launcher Pro Plus
    TouchWiz 3.0

    I used LPP for my droid 1, Inc, and X and I thought it was the top dog for a while with ADW 2nd and MY Moto and Sense being last, but with the changes that has been recent with ADW, I am really liking it and think that with some additions of maybe some widgets, this home replacment could become a real contender.
    TouchWiz 3.0 I REALLY like. Out of all the stock browsers, I think this one is the best (atleast until the new sense comes out). I like the idea behind the widgets and the ability to change the screens around if you decide you want a different page to be 1st instead of 2nd or which one you want as the home screen. I think it is really nice. The one thing that bothers me is that alot of the widgets are just the same as the other one, just in another color and the lack of the preview screens. I know that there are the numbers at the top, but its just not the same to me and not as fluid.
    The one thing I can say about LPP is that they stay on top of their launcher. They are constantly updating it with widgets and changes and I DO like that. They have a lot of ways to customize the way you use it as well: speeds of app drawer and speed of opening preview screens. It updates so much that I can hardly keep up. LOL. I dont like the fact that if I want to make a theme of the launcher we have to go in and individually change each dock icon instead of the option to change them all. Nothing really major, but.... I also wish they would give us the screen editing option like TouchWiz and ADW.
    ADW before I thought was a better, smoother Launcher, however lacked options. Just fell behind LPP in alot of things like: widgets, customization and much more. Ever since this latest update, we now have almost the best of both worlds and have a way to not only manage the dock icons, but the ones on the pages as well!!!!!
    my only complaints I have is that I wish we had some nice widgets to go along with it and the trash can on the top of the page.
    I think ADW should take some notes from TouchWiz (which they seem to favor like LPP does Sense UI) and make some simular widgets to give us, like the buddies now, the Feeds and Updates and the Program Monitor. The Program Monitor is my personal Favorite.
    ADW is top in my book for now. Hopefully they have seen how well LPP has taken care of thier Launcher and will do the same. TouchWiz is great, but it is limited by far and hope to see some improvments to it as well. LPP........add the home screen editing LOL!!

    Just my opinion.
  22. nitsuj17

    nitsuj17 Well-Known Member

    ive tried it before (not recently) and thought it was quick but...meh...didnt hold my attention enough to keep it
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  23. saps

    saps Well-Known Member

    Yeah some people have their own likes and dislikes, this beta adw is gettin some luv now too. I dont know there's nothing wrong with LP+ for me so I keep using it. But everytime I flash a new clean rom I try and spend a minute or two with adw but I just dont like it. If others do more power to them, I just dont
  24. nitsuj17

    nitsuj17 Well-Known Member

    yup, always good to experiment to find your optimal configuration :)
  25. Yeah, I have tried all kinds of launchers like Launcher Pro, vLauncher, ADW, Zeam, and maybe a few others. I have a Samsung Fascinate, and I've always hated Touch Wiz. This is why I've tried so many. Lol.

    Launcher Pro has been my favorite for a while. A basic design for an android phone's UI. Seemless, and zippy. It's definitely a must-have.

    vLauncher was a very basic approach. It was almost identical to the iPhone's UI. You couldn't have widgets on the screen which was good for me because widgets are good at sucking the life out of my battery. But there is no app drawer. Your phone's screens ARE the app drawers. And I highly suggest using folders. I even had a folder named "Useless" for all of the bloatware apps I'll never use. Lol.

    ADW is just terrible. Lol. I didn't like ADW at all. There's not much to say about this one because I didn't use this one much at all.

    Zeam was a whole lot like launcher pro. Just a different kind of dock. I didn't use it long enough to really like it. It definitely looked a lot "Shinier" if you guys kinda know what I mean.

    I tried all of these out and decided, "Hey, I'll try using Touch Wiz again." and then I did, and fell in love with it somehow. I'm Planning on sticking with touch wiz for a while.

    I can honestly say that Touch Wiz and Launcher Pro are the only two I will really use. If you're rocking a Galaxy S phone, you may want to change the Home Launcher. Unless you want to keep the original Galaxy S-ness with the Touch Wiz and be cool like me. :)

    Still Waiting for Froyo though. :/

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