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launcher pro

  1. cdaff62

    cdaff62 Active Member

    i was on this forum last nite and was really impressed with it and the usefull information thank you all so much it was very useful and i downloaded lancher pro free version and can seem to get it to change the icons on the bottom to what i want them to be can you please help me with this

  2. andygu3

    andygu3 Well-Known Member

    Long press on where you want to put the icon, default icon
  3. cdaff62

    cdaff62 Active Member

    <P>thank you so much figured it out you all are awesome also need to know 2 more things i have multiple intries in the address book for each contact how do i get it to one they are not saved on the fone and also when i text there is a box that appears and tried to guess what i am typing how do i get rid of that i am using the samsung mesmerize from us cellular&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; thank you so much for your help </P>
  4. barqers

    barqers Well-Known Member

    When you're in your address book press the menu button, then "View" and select only phone contacts, or only SIM contacts. Depending on where you saved your contacts, but it sounds like you have it saved on the SIM as well as the phone.

    As for the typing, that's your keyboard. Go to settings->locale and text->(your keyboard) settings, and disable word suggestions.
  5. cdaff62

    cdaff62 Active Member

    ok thank you so much dont have a sim card but will try to figure that out and the other as well will let you know if i figure it out thank you agin for all your help
  6. cdaff62

    cdaff62 Active Member

    ok i got the address book figured out but still cant figure out the text when i compose a text it tries to guess what i am typing and i want that to go away i tried what they said earlier in the post but when i am in the screen of the keybord you have no options there and cant find local in the main menu please help me samsung mesmerize us cellular
  7. ironass

    ironass Well-Known Member

    At a guess, it will be in Menu > Settings > Language & keyboard > (your keyboard) settings.

    If all else fails, you can download the pdf manual for your phone which tells you how to adjust your keyboard settings on page 111.

    See here:-

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  8. cdaff62

    cdaff62 Active Member

    thank you so much that worked

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