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Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by MelbourneArc, Sep 24, 2011.

  1. MelbourneArc

    MelbourneArc Member

    Aug 15, 2011
    Hi Peeps!
    SE Arc is really slow eg 4secs for msgs and 2-3sec for dialler. Using standard UI that came with arc. Have tried updating, turning it off and on. Only tme its decent is when I have the SD card switched off but this is a crazy option. Currently have 170mb of system/internal memory free and utilising 20Gb of a 32gb sd card.
    Any suggestions?

    Thanks people!

  2. MelbourneArc

    MelbourneArc Member

    Aug 15, 2011
    Hi still no response from the Sony People!

    Android - 2.3.4
    Baseband version - 8x55a-aaabqoazm-203028D-56
    kerna -
    Build verision - 4.0.1.A.0.42

    This updated itself a week ago but its still crazy slow: 2-3sec to launch dialer, same for txt messages. When in dialer 2 sec to lauch contacts list! Using the original launcher supplied not some market product.

    I have a 32gb SD card (20gb used) and it seems a lot faster when the card is disconnected.
    So is it the case that the phone says it can take up to 32gb but will be so slow that an 8year old nokia or blackberry can get there faster?!!!

    Anyone else with this problem?

  3. srki

    srki Active Member

    May 25, 2011
    Maybe the problem is with the memory card: it slows down the phone because it is low class card (What is Class Speed Rating?)
    Minimum required by Arc is Class 4.
  4. jonmorris

    jonmorris Well-Known Member

    Apr 6, 2010
    As I expect you've installed a number of apps to the SD card, I do find that eventually - when you're down to under 100MB of app space (say 50-60MB) that the phone does slow down.

    I find that it takes a long time to shut down, as well as even apps that use little RAM causing the launcher to restart, which adds a further delay as pressing home means waiting 5-10 seconds for the icons to rebuild, and for the app menu to switch back to your preference (in my case, A-Z view rather than custom).

    I had the Arc S for a while, to review, and that did the same (not surprising given it's the same spec, bar a higher clock speed) but the point is that when I went back to the Arc, I cleared it and reinstalled things from scratch - and for some time everything was quick.

    The launcher didn't restart, the core apps loaded quickly (camera, messaging, contacts) and so on - but eventually it starts to mess up! The memory card I had was Class 10 (Lexar 32GB) but it managed to corrupt itself a few times, so to play safe I went back to a Class 4 16GB SanDisk.

    I am not sure memory card itself is that important, but rather what the phone seems to do with the card inserted.

    Having just updated the firmware, it is still the same. I know the answer is simple; back up the apps, do a full reset, reinstall and let the phone re-populate the content. Then wait for it to gradually slow down again!

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