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LauncherPro Beta: Even if you don't know it, you need it!

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  1. XProfPete

    XProfPete Member This Topic's Starter

    Mar 22, 2010
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    I just thought I'd see if having more screens was neat, or if I'd ever use them, so I looked up LauncherPro Beta, and downloaded it. I was hooked withing just a couple of minutes. I had no idea quite how hooked I was, until I did an update and mistakenly didn't make LauncherPro my default home screen. I missed it so badly I went hunting on Phandroid and then the comments/help section of the LauncherPro site 'til I found out how to get my "default home" back to LauncherPro. Took me a while, but it was time well spent! I am again a "happy camper."


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