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LauncherPro with the new Android 2.3.3 update?General

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  1. tealbub

    tealbub New Member

    I just finished upgrading Android to 2.3.3 using the regular channels (LG mobile update) without any problems, which seems to be something of a miracle judging by the other posts. :p

    I Googled around for highly-recommended launchers and came up with Launcher Pro, but reading the LauncherPro site seems to indicate it's abandonware. Does it work as-is with 2.3.3 or should I find a different launcher? Anything I should be aware of? Not yet comfortable with flashing a custom ROM onto the phone (too afraid of bricking it - it's my only phone and can't afford to replace it)... haven't rooted it yet, either.

  2. cjmaniac

    cjmaniac Well-Known Member

    Launcher pro always worked fine for me but i have not tried on the newest update yet.
  3. Android Bob

    Android Bob Well-Known Member

    I have been running ADW Launcher (available from market) with the 2.3.3 update and have not encountered any problems. Just make sure you install to internal phone memory and do not move it to SD Card as any widgets you may want to run will not work properly from SD Card.
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  4. karendar

    karendar Well-Known Member

    Yeah, as stated by others here, ADW and Launcher Pro work as is... Launcher Pro is abandonware, but there isn't much improvement to be done on it. It flies on our phone with v20B custom. I imagine stock would be the same. ;)

    ADW also works pretty well, but I find Launcher Pro more responsive.

    Other launchers to try:

    Go Launcher Ex
    MX Home Launcher
    CC Launcher
    Phoenix Launcher (Ice cream Sandwich launcher for Gingerbread)
    There's also TSF shell, SPB shell, but they're pretty expensive... I personally use TSF shell on my Galaxy S2, runs great! Don't know how it'll run on the Shine Plus though. ;)
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  5. tealbub

    tealbub New Member

    Thanks for the advice, everyone. :) I think I'll give Launcher Pro a try. If I encounter any problems I'll update the thread.
  6. DC1022

    DC1022 Well-Known Member

    I'm still on 2.1 just cause i'm slightly scared to brick my phone, but I've used Go launcher EX, LauncherPro and ADW and I prefer Go the best.
  7. Tre Lawrence

    Tre Lawrence Well-Known Member

    I use LauncherPro on ICS, fwiw.

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