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  1. kempohaken

    kempohaken New Member

    Hi guys, first post-thread in the forums.

    Well, ive been looking for an app which lets me edit pictures in layers. Just like photoshop. There's Photoshop Touch but i cant install it due to a "this app is not compatible with your device" issue. I have a galaxy s3 and i think the app only works in tablets due to screen size requirements.

    The app im looking for should let me make free selections, crop, resize, etc... but the most important feature is the layered editing mode, so i can make compositions made out of several pictures.


  2. Harry2

    Harry2 Well-Known Member

    PicShop supports image layers, maybe it's this what you looking for ;)

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  3. kempohaken

    kempohaken New Member


    Installed PicShop, its a great app, very well designed. Indeed it supports layers, the problem is you cant free select, resize, erase and/or blur images... Its a bit dissapointing because whats the point of having a multi layer feature if you cant properly cut your images.

    I found an app called Canvas, i installed the Lite version. It supports layers, croping, free selection, resizing, erasing and bluring. The problem is the output quality is quite poor, and the resizing works just like MS paint, once you make it small you cant make it big again (you loose quality).

    I specifically want an app to create ACTION SEQUENCE compositions. Its were you have in the same background the complete sequence of an action (sports, acrobatics, etc). you can google it.

    I bet theres an app out there that can do all that....

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