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  1. Rafalema

    Rafalema Well-Known Member


    I broke my Desires screen. The usual story with these, was in a small pocket, etc.

    So, the repair cost I was told was around 270 €. I decided not to get it repair for that insane price.

    I ordered a new LCD screen and a torx M5 screwdriver kit from, where I also ordered the new case shown in the pics.

    I used this as a guide (Printed it out)
    Blog: HTC Desire tear-down and re-assembly ? TJworld

    The process took 30 minutes and my Desire is now in perfect working order.

    Here are some pics.


    Here's where the screen was cracked

    Everything removed, ready to start

    Voided the 'Void' stickers

    About to remove main PCB


    And after several steps in which I either forgot or we're unable to take pics

    So, for anyone wondering to do it or not, GO FOR IT! The process isn't hard, especially with the awesome guide from TJWorld.

    My Desire is now better than ever, rooted, and running Redux v1.2

    Total cost for the LCD+screwdriver+shipping to Finland = 101,50 €

    Quite a save ;)

  2. SiHa

    SiHa Well-Known Member

  3. Bam82

    Bam82 Active Member

  4. Rafalema

    Rafalema Well-Known Member

    You broke the inner screen too, left the digitizer (top layer) intact?

    Hmm.. Yeah, in my opinion it looks correct, but the price arouses suspicion.

    Personally, I'd go with HTC Desire, Google Nexus One LCD-Display (And don't forget the Torx M5)

    But of course you can test that LCD and then if it doesn't work then go with this one. :)

    Good luck!
  5. Bam82

    Bam82 Active Member

    I phoned a mobile repairer in Glasgow earlier and they said they do it for
  6. Rafalema

    Rafalema Well-Known Member

    That's pretty cheap, I'd take it if I we're you.

    Do you have your Desire original packaging? If the box doesn't say AMOLED then it's LCD.
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  7. ClanDroid

    ClanDroid New Member

    Broke mine around 6 months ago... Was gonna wait and get a new phone, but now that its rooted, the ClanDroid1.0 getting a new LCD and a new housing hopefully... gonna look into custom housing... . o 0 (gold desire hmmmm)

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