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  1. suhasc9

    suhasc9 Member

    My micromax a75 dropped yesterday and lcd screen got damaged ,so i went to service center they told me that costs 2,200 rs but i don't believe that cost , bcoz even handset costs 5700 rs ( , plz help and suggest me micromax a75 LCD screen price ,please help me to feel my dream mobile more...

  2. shahabazas

    shahabazas ~*~ Android Addict ~*~

    The price of service center is same so if ur phone has much warranty left then u have no choice other than getting it repaired from the service center if u have only a little warranty left then try some local dealers where u will get some different LCD which can work on A75 but haan if u replace it at local dealer then check it thoroughly as one of my friend did it and when he kept the phone on charging the display went on white screen and till d time charger is connected the display was under wake on mode only but after disconnecting d charger the phone was working well although he visted that local dealer and got the thing proper but now his display colour are blurry i mean the clearity of colour is blurry so u have make all the things clear first with the local dealer or else best option SVC.
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  3. priyandroid

    priyandroid Member

    a75 LCD screen costs rs 1600 in kerala and I think it is the common price over India, may be your the service centre man might saying about old price
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  4. suhasc9

    suhasc9 Member

    Very thanks for your reply,
    My mobile also suffering white LCD displaying problem ,
    How much LCD display would costs if i buy that outside, Whether they provide me LCD screen that exactly fits my mobile with 3.75 inch display, because we may get Samsung or other company sized screens easily ,but getting this micromax local replacement is very tough as i think so, isn't it..
  5. suhasc9

    suhasc9 Member

    ya , i too told service center guy that same but he argued that he just verified that 2200 rs price from Micromax website.So i took my mobile out of that service center..
  6. shahabazas

    shahabazas ~*~ Android Addict ~*~

    Do one thing either call the Micromax Toll Free number and cross verify it as i visted the SVC last week to check the price of Micromax A73's LCD and they said me it will cost me Rs1800 so i dint changed it and using it the way it is and thinking to either launch a complaint about the price via email to the company or else will get some local display. The local display what my friend had brought had cost him Rs1100 and may be we can get even more cheaper than that cos my friend said he dint bargain with the dealer and just got the LCD replaced.
  7. avinashmeena

    avinashmeena Well-Known Member

    hey i want touch you know where can i get this touch ........except s.v.c
  8. amritk86

    amritk86 Active Member

    In delhi it will costs u only 800 rs...........
  9. sagar21653

    sagar21653 Member

    I got it for 700
  10. shahabazas

    shahabazas ~*~ Android Addict ~*~

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