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  1. fjmustak

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    Last week, I took my N1 for a swim. It was under water for well over an hour. When I got back home, I took out the battery, dried it in rice for a week, etc...

    Today, I disassembled it, and washed it out in alcohol (including the lcd), and then put it back together once the alcohol dried out.

    The phone turned on! Sound works (although it might be a little off), the touchscreen works great, but the LCD is dim in the center, and bright on the edges (see attached).

    Could this be a temporary issue with the LCD (maybe it's not completely dry), or is it permanently damaged?


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  2. fjmustak

    fjmustak Member

    Ok, it seems the backlight issue is getting better as I leave the phone out to dry some more. I've tested the radios and the camera, and they seem to be working the one issue I've encountered is with making and taking phone calls. Whenever I initiate a call or pick up the phone, it shuts down. Any ideas?

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