Le OS 3.0 Official released = Chita 2012 Beta versionSupport

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  1. norton112233

    norton112233 Well-Known Member

    So called LeOS 3.0 was ultimately released as Chita 2012, beta version
    Based on 2.3.7, still may have some unsolved issue..
    final version is supposed to be updated by July..or Mid june
    Can try at our own risk...
    good luck..





  2. gilezzz

    gilezzz Active Member

    Thanks! I want to try it. On this website they say they have fixed some issues:

    chita 2012 c101 fixed_

    Is the one you linked the latest version?

    And another question: does it support pushmail?
  3. norton112233

    norton112233 Well-Known Member

    no idea..coz i am using w101..
    chita 2012 is okay..i am using it now..
    still face few problems..like..
    1. power jump..
    2. pictures preview
    3. no vibration notification on receiving sms..
  4. gilezzz

    gilezzz Active Member

    Is there any way to flash it as an upgrade? Otherwise I have to delete all the apps :(
  5. norton112233

    norton112233 Well-Known Member

    no idea. i am back to 2.7 haha..just wait for its updated non beta version later...may be in july
  6. jazzfriend

    jazzfriend New Member

    I used on 3gw101 and the letters on my extern keyboard are not on the right place

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