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Le OS 3.0 releasing soonGeneral

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  1. norton112233

    norton112233 Well-Known Member

    Its a good news for all Lenovo lephone aspirants...just read a news that lenovo lephone Le OS 3.0 will be releasing sooner or later..we just need to wait..
    May be later in december, CM 2.3.7 Premium Rom will be released and MIUI version will also be released soon...

    So guys ..just wait for the new releases.

  2. Fennec

    Fennec Active Member

    You are really optimistic. All in one its yet another lenovo crap so it gonna feathur compatibility issues, chinese spywares and so on.

    Google should sue the sh.t outta lenovo for spoiling a good lynux plateforme with this crappy monopolistic nonsense.
  3. k.oleg

    k.oleg Member

    what spywares are you talking about?
  4. gilezzz

    gilezzz Active Member

    Waiting for 3.0 then! After a few weeks with the Leos 2.7.0 I am satisfied, I hope 3.0 improves on that. What I have noticed so far:

    - battery life improved: I turn on the phone and on normal use i get more than one day (24 hours) before changing the battery (normal use is using wifi when at work and home, some phone calls, reading the news when i'm on the subway..much less if i play lots of games or keep 3G turned on.. but i see people using iphone charging it all of the time! The two batteries are not a bad idea after all..).
    - stability: no issue so far
    - apps: the Lenovo AppStore has more and more apps.. the only issue is finding them because it's all in Chinese (damn!)

    For your reference, here are some nice games I found in the Lenovo AppStore:
    Samurai II: vengeance
    Trial X2
    FL Commando
    Flick Golf
    Flick Soccer
    Vogelstein 2D

    For the news, I found:
    BBC News
    CNN News

    Other utilities:
    Volume Ace

    With GO launcher the interface is quite smooth. I see people looking at my phone on the subway and being surprised seeing it's a LePhone..
  5. norton112233

    norton112233 Well-Known Member

    2.7 is really good..i have been using go launcher too..and its pretty good... regarding Le Os 3.0 , it will most probably released just before Chinese new year..which is around last week of january..so.we just need to wait and enjoy 2.7.0..

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