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  1. norton112233

    norton112233 Well-Known Member

  2. norton112233

    norton112233 Well-Known Member

  3. fa225909

    fa225909 Active Member

    This firmware sucks ! really, impossible to dial : can't press the * 0 # line, can't use physical keyboard, can't use virtual keyboard (the ASDFGHJKLM line doesn't work, impossible to select "show this tutorial only 1 time" at the first boot, so everytime I reboot I have to pass manually the tutorial, same problems for custom keyboards, I installed copilot, but impossible to enter the serial key...

    And the best of all : impossible to install android market (so why making a custom rom,if it have nothing more than LeOS 2.0 ?)

    Can someone tell me where I can find a good custom rom, with market and no keyboard problem (actually based on the original android would be good) and with no need to install fastboot or ASDK ? thank you ...
  4. corbegi

    corbegi New Member

    Help! Help! Help!
    Lephone switch off while start updating:eek:
    No way to switch on Lephone again! :(
    --> battery @ 100% can run my friend mobile
    --> SD card work properly on my friend mobile
    --> connected to PC by USB: nothing happen)
    :confused:Do you now if there is some procedure or sequence of buttons to press in order to switch on the Phone

    Thanks & Regards
  5. fa225909

    fa225909 Active Member


    What do you mean ? it doesn't power on anymore ? sounds really bad if so...

    does it fastboot ?
  6. corbegi

    corbegi New Member

    NO way to switch on.

    What do you mean for fastboot?

    Many Thanks!
  7. fa225909

    fa225909 Active Member


    if you cannot switch it on, it certainly means your phone is bricked (sorry)

    the only thing I could recommend is to contact the customer service and ask them if they can do somthing about it ... but don't hope too much from them.

    where did you buy it ? when ? at wich cost ?

    and one more thing : if you send them back the phone, take all garanties you can (tracking #, ...)

    good luck

    EDIT: try to boot it with the right button pressed, it will fastboot, wich means you can control it from your pc, or put the leos 2.0 image on TF card root, and do the same manipulation
  8. rolikas

    rolikas New Member

    How to boot if phone do not run ? i have the same problem. After update phone do not run (nothing on the screen and do not vibrate). PC do not see any device after connection.

    Any ideas how to repeair this phone?

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