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Learning to develop

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  1. ruusky

    ruusky New Member

    Hey everyone,

    After much thought I want to start developing my own apps. From my research everything seems like all over the place where to start and stuff. A lot of posts and articles are outdated and I cant see to find answer to my question. I know Android apps rely heavily on java and some books i looked at said that this isn't a book for app development just for websites. The 1st question is, should i bother buying past versions of development books so I can catch up? Or should I get books that focus on the latest 4.0 version?. 2nd question is which books or websites train you that was most helpful for you guys? I was considering buying Professional Android 4 Application Development by Reto Meirer and Pro Android 4 by satya komatineni dave maclean, because I know they tutor you for the latest version. I bought the Lynda videos for app development, but I didn't like it it was too broad.


  2. truehybridx

    truehybridx Member

    I started with Learning Java for Android Development, and Beginning Android 4 Development from Apress and I'm making pretty good progress considering i only bought my device 5 days ago.
    I've also been checking out some videos from here but mostly on an as needed kind of base List of Videos for Android Application Development

    Hope this helps
  3. ruusky

    ruusky New Member

    Thanks for your help
  4. mrichards957

    mrichards957 Member

    If you are new to Java, you may want to get an introductory book on Java, or try out some of the many tutorials on the web. As for Android itself, I started with "Beginning Android" and "Pro Android" from APress.

    For me, I find that the best way to learn a new technology is to go through the first few chapters of a book like the ones mentioned above to get the basics, and then just start building a simple (but not trivial) app. When I run into something I can't do, I lookup that topic in the books I have, or search Stackoverflow or other online references for examples of how to do it. Over the course of a few months, you'll learn how to do most things.
  5. jonbonazza

    jonbonazza Well-Known Member

    Moved to Dev 101.

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